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Ace found this perfect example of the liberal hypocrisy at work regarding the Edwards affair, which I’m sure most of you by now know he has finally admitted is true. This blogger, a former Edwards blogger, says that ok, its true he had a affair, but just as in the Clinton affair…none of it is our business:

My official stance is that unless it’s a matter of hypocrisy, it’s none of your damn business. So, if someone has a history of dogging gay people, prostitutes, people who have sex outside of marriage, etc., their business is now public property because they treat your business like it’s public property. Edwards, as far as I know, has never been a “sanctity of marriage” wanker, and so this is officially None Of Our Business, and anyone who dogged him on this story should be fired on the principle that they don’t know journalism from rooting around in the trash. Hypocrisy is a story; human weakness is not.

Yup, if a reporter had the gall to actually report on the infidelity and character flaw of a former Presidential nominee, they should be fired because its no one’s business but Edwards.

It gets better. She goes on to say the McCain divorce is relevant, while the Edwards affair isn’t.


And then this video should send you into fits of laughter….or tears.

David Schuster says that he knew all along about the affair but failed to dig deeper into the story because “credible” sources inside the campaign assured him it wasn’t true.

Basically admitting he has terrible judgment in gathering sources and that he just didn’t want to dig to hard. Being a Democrat and all you see. We all know how hard these yahoos would dig if the candidate had a R next to his name.

To top it all off he gets angry that his sources lied to him.

That is one skilled reporter eh?

Ace puts it…well, as only Ace can:

It was Shuster who failed to do his job.

Why are they to blame? They never held themselves out as disinterested parties or objective observers. They’re supposed to be invested in their client’s/friend’s future.

It’s Shuster, and the rest of his sucker-of-%^&* buddies in the media, that fell on their smug, soft faces here.

And it’s insulting to hear them all whine about being “used.”

And of course then Shuster turns around and reasserts his superiority as a journalist over those working at the National lEnquirer, even while conceding they somehow stupidly blundered into getting the story right, while Genius Journalist David “Sucker of &*^%” Shuster was all righteous and ethical and brilliant while getting it completely wrong.

Two perfect examples of some of the worst character traits in liberals….hypocrisy and smug arrogance.