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I went to a Motley Crue concert this weekend and it was absolutely awesome. Well, the music, and the show were awesome. I was just a little bit perturbed about the political undertones that played on the screens on either side of the stage, though. The porn fest that played on the screens was a little over the top, but it was expected. It was a rock concert after all. The political undertone was kind of out of line though. It’s no wonder kids are flocking after Obama if this is where they get their political educations.

During the songs, the clips showed images of former dictators ruling with iron hands, and President George Bush intermingled with them. It said over and over, “Fact: Governments control people with fear,” and it when on to show images of war, 9/11, and a flash by quote reading, “World Trade Center Building 7,” which obviously refers to the conspiracy theory that building 7 was destroyed by the U.S. government to hide a cover up of the “real” 9/11 perpetrators. While the band screamed, “Shout at the Devil,” President Bush’s image flashed on the screens, flipping off the crowd, and morphed into an image of the devil.

Rock rebellion? Of course! But it does beg the question, how much influence should a bunch of former drug addicts have on America’s political climate? And it’s not just Motley Crue! Rock bands and other performers all over the country are using their concerts and albums as a soapbox to spew their political rhetoric. Green Day, Audioslave, Antiflag, the Dixie Chicks, Ludacris, and more, use their music and their shows to indoctrinate our nations youth into a anti-nationalist fervor.

We have a whole new generation of idiots who think Che Gueverra is a hero and that Fidel Castro is misunderstood. They think that Hugo Chavez is a modern day Don Quixote and that socialism is just the cutest thing to come our way since Hello Kitty! It’s a budding electorate that doesn’t know or understand that our nation spent the better part of half a century in a cold war fighting exactly the kind of “Economic Justice” in the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics that they are begging Barrack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, and Harry Reid to institute here in the United States. They think that socialism is cool because it will be “sticking it to the man,” but they don’t realize that in a socialist state, “the man” isn’t the guy with the money, he’s the guy who will tell them how to spend theirs. He will tell them where to work. He will tell them how much they will make. He will tell them what doctor they can see and what kind of car they can drive. He will tell them that in the name of “Economic Justice” they will have to sacrifice “Economic Opportunity” and “Economic Freedom!”

They were right, governments use fear to control you, but don’t forget, would be despots use fear of the government to control you. Fidel and Che used fear of the government to take control of Cuba. They then killed hundreds of thousands of innocent people for no more than to make examples out of them. Hugo used fear of the government to take control of Venezuela. He then nationalized billions of dollars of private industries, including oil and energy companies, communications companies, and news agencies. Now, he controls Venezuela’s press, and of course they only report the good things about him.

Barack is also using fear of the government to take control of America. He talks about socializing medicine and housing, raising capital gains taxes, and re-imposing the “Fairness Doctrine” that requires that radio stations give equal air time to the socialists if they give air time to conservatives. It also would require those radio stations to re-staff their management with democrats and liberals. It doesn’t, however, make the same requirement of the already left leaning network television stations, nor does it make the same requirement of the already left leaning newspaper industry. In short, once he seizes control, he plans on making sure he keeps it. The democrat controlled congress will rush take away our right to bear arms, as Castro did. They will act quickly to redistribute the wealth of hard working Americans to those that will give the democrats an iron voting block in the future, and ensure their long iron fisted rule.

America is going to hell in a hand basket and it is going fast! And do you know what? America’s youth is going to follow along smiling, because Motley Crue puts on one hell of a show.


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