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Scott McClellan told Keith Olbermann recently that the White House sent talking points to Fox News which Fox would use in their broadcasts. As you would expect the uberdouche was absolutely salivating at the mere thought of this happening but under cross examination by Bill O’Reilly Mr. McClellan folds like a lawn chair:

I still find it incredibly amusing that the left disbelieved everything out of this guys mouth when he was Press Secretary, but as soon as he started dissing the Administration he was a truthteller. One lefty has the guts to say the guy is a bit off the deep end however. Joan Walsh, editor of, said the following: (via Newsbusters)

This story, for liberals, was too good not to be true. It sort of conformed to all of our stereotypes. We enjoyed it for awhile. But, you know, from the minute Scott was talking with Chris he started backpedaling. You saw him say “well, I didn’t do it. It wasn’t the news guys. It wasn’t Brit Hume. I’m not sure who, exactly.”

And so, you know, it’s rare that I would ever come to Bill O’Reilly’s defense, but I don’t see any evidence at this point that they were officially disseminating points one through nine, and they were then being parroted on Fox News.

On the other hand, you know, you have this network that bills itself as fair and balanced. It seems anything but, especially in its commentary segments. So, you know, it’s understandable why people wanted to believe it. But, you know, Scott’s looking a little bit worse for the wear today.

Being a rabid lefty she had to put a few digs into Fox News but overall she was quite fair. There is no evidence of any truth to this accusation from Scott and the fact that he wilted like a flower under Bill O’Reilly’s questioning, even to the point of apologizing to Bill, speaks volumes about the mans veracity.

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