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The Sheepdogs made for a fabulous presentation against the anemic peace protesters; perhaps they are spreading their dwindling membership too thin with multiple day protests?

We had our Sheepdog motorist make an eyecatching appearance, circling around the block several times to show his support for the troops and America. We cheered loudly every time he drove by, the peace protesters were not amused.

Every week we welcome new friends into our midst. John and Nina were driving past our rally and were compelled to come back at join us. It was a pleasure to meet two such enthusiastic patriots and look forward to seeing your smiling faces at future rallies. Mary Lou and Harry held a family reunion at our rally, introducing their son, Matt accompanied by his girlfriend, and Uncle Bill. We also welcomed today: Howard, John and Jeri – we look forward to sharing many more rallies with you!

Like what you see? Proud of America? Come join us! We rally every Saturday in West Chester, Pa at the corner of High and Market Streets – 10:45am till 12:15pm.

If you can’t make the West Chester Rally, below are other pro-troop rally’s occuring weekly in neighboring counties:

Walter Reed Support our Troops Rally



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