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Why can’t Barack admit the obvious?

In January 2007, the war in Iraq was in need of a new strategy.

A year and a half later, violence is down dramatically, the Iraqi political system is beginning to work, and there’s a belief the U.S. and Iraq have achieved an outcome that seemed out of reach just a year earlier.

So why can’t Barack bring himself to acknowledge the surge worked better than he and other skeptics, thought it would? What does that inability to admit he was wrong say about him?

In recent comments, Obama has grudgingly conceded that the troops helped lessen the violence, but he has insisted that the surge was a failed policy because it allowed the situation in Afghanistan to deteriorate and did not produce the political breakthroughs in Iraq that he believes should have occurred. Even knowing the outcome, he told CBS News Tuesday, he still wouldn’t have supported the surge.

Even if you believe that the invasion of Iraq was an error, the U.S. should still make every effort to leave behind a stable Iraq. Barack repeatedly states that he was right to oppose the war while at the same time paying lip service to efforts and sacrifices by our troops. Barack Obama’s statement, “it was a tactical victory imposed upon a huge strategic blunder.”

We don’t expect our president to be right all the time. We do expect a president to change course when it is proved he is wrong.

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