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Al-Maliki had made news last week when remarks he made were interpreted to indicate that he would like to see some sort of a timetable included in the bilateral agreement the two countries are in the process of hammering out. The two leaders, who spoke Thursday via video conference, discussed that pact, which will cover security, diplomacy, economics, health and culture, among other areas.



Suggestion to everyone-Democrat, Republican, Independent….AMERICANS:

Memorize that phrase; “CONDITIONS-BASED”

Withdrawals of forces from Iraq will have a schedule, but they will not be an inflexible The-War-Is-Over-On-11/11/10 date. They will be FLEXIBLE schedules that can change depending on conditions on the ground; they will be CONDITIONS-BASED. That means (for those who oppose the war primarily for political purposes and not for realistic ones) that, If the enemy makes a new offensive in Iraq…then the timetable goes out the window because the enemy does get a vote. Right now, the enemy in Iraq is largely defeated. If it stays that way, then more troops can come home. The decision from President Bush, President Obama, or President McCain will be a decision that is flexible and CONDITIONS-BASED.

When you hear that there is a timetable for withdrawal from Iraq, start listening closely to see if the report suggests “war is over on such and such date” kinda story, or if they point out that the withdrawal will be CONDITIONS-BASED.

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