Posted by Skye on 20 July, 2008 at 8:17 pm. 4 comments already!


West Chester, Pa:

Another fine day for a rally! With our signs and numerous flags waving in the breeze, the Sheepdogs made an impressive display on the corner of High & Market streets. We even have our own ‘rally’ motorist who circled around several times honking in support of the Sheepdogs. Group Photo: Sean

This weekend we debuted a new banner with a quote from one of our founding leaders, Sam Adams. Thank you, Joe D.!

Carl created several eye-catching “Victory is the Answer” signs for use during the rally. Thank you Carl, they are spectacular! Your check from WhiteLand is in the mail.

This weekend, I put together a fun Summertime Sheepdog video for your perusal:

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