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Caught this via a Luciannne to Alegre’s Corner to Powerline link… all hitting the blogosphere yesterday.

Politico documents the DNC happy face is all but that under the surface. It appears that the DNC leadership is feeling left out in the cold with BHO not checking in to coordinate his campaign talking points with them. And as the party leadership smiles, their underling staffers are whining:

Privately, however, there is a different message coming from some Democratic quarters on the Hill and on K Street. Some Democratic leadership staffers complain that, having defeated the vaunted Clinton political machine in the primaries, the Obama campaign now feels a “sense of entitlement” that leads to “arrogance.”

One Democratic aide, speaking on the condition of anonymity, compared the Obama campaign unfavorably to President Bush’s administration.

“At least Bush waited until he was in the White House before they started ignoring everybody,” the aide said.

“These relationships matter,” said a House Democrat close to the leadership. “I really hope these guys try to get off on the right foot. We all know what happened to [former President] Jimmy Carter and [former President] Bill Clinton. We don’t want to see a repeat of that.”

But the DCCC’s exec director, Brian Wolffe, really lays out the BS – saying “… that some of the “supposed arrogance” coming from the Obama camp is in reality a misinterpreted sense of confidence in the campaign’s plan for winning the Oval Office, including grass-roots mobilization, in-state political infrastructure, messaging and get-out-the vote operations.

uh huh…

Now a side trip to the NY Daily News article, where we find HRC is busy shuffling her leftover campaign cash… rolling it over into her “2012 Senate campaign”. Or would that really be a 2012 POTUS run?

That may all depend upon what happens by Aug 28th. Because that’s her deadline for the donors to respond to whether she may keep the cash for a future campaign. If they don’t agree, she returns it.

Let’s see… Aug 28th. How convenient that also happens to be the last day of the DNC Convention. Things that make you go hummmmmm….

Now another side trip. Blog news, unverified as far as I know. But the pro-Hillary site, Alegre’s Corner, claims eight supers are planning on casting their votes for HRC in Denver… assuming that they can, of course.

Big news folks – it looks like our efforts in contacting those Superdelegates are starting to pay off, so keep on writing to them (ok, maybe Donna B’s a waste of time). There are unconfirmed reports, based on phone banking efforts to reach out to Super Ds, that eight previously Obama SDs expressed that, given the opportunity, they would vote for Hillary at the convention.

I heard about an interview Will Bower of PUMA did recently, where he said delegates are starting to say they’ll vote for Hillary in Denver if the DNC did the right thing and ran an open and fair convention. That means a roll call vote with Hillary’s name put into nomination, and on the ballot.

So I shot an email to Bower to ask him where he got that info from, and here’s what he sent me regarding the efforts of a friend of his:

“A large phone banking effort to the super d’s combined with Obama’s flips and poor presumptive nominee performance, etc have yielded doubts within the super delegates, enough that 3 elected and 5 DNC members have confided that should they have the opportunity to do so, they will vote for Hillary.”

Maybe this is why BHO and the Toxic Trio are pushing so hard to keep Hillary off the roll call ballot eh? I’ve been wondering what they’re so afraid of now it looks like we have part of the answer.

UPDATE: This same story was posited by Will Bowers of PUMA (Party Unity My A$$) in a WorldNetDaily story on July 12th.

“There is a movement afoot,” Bower confided. “It hasn’t hit the ground yet, but we want to target down-ticket Democrats who have been complicit in the DNC’s dealings these past few months. You’ll probably be hearing more about that soon. Some of Obama’s original supporters are leaving him. Eight super-delegates left Obama this week. People are realizing Obama will be a dead weight to them and that’s why these eight delegates have switched back over to Hillary’s column. And I’m expecting there’ll be more to follow.”

Of course, PUMA’s logic isn’t all that… they also believe that the party is backing Obama because “they want a weakened executive branch and Obama is an inexperienced, manufactured candidate who’ll have to rely on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid.” Rather a moot point as we find Obama ignoring the very same today, getting on their bad side….

Note… this is all unconfirmed. But I have been a believer – ever since HRC was running second in the primaries – that she will either stage a comeback at Convention time, or work under cover to help defeat His Messiahship so she can take a run at the Oval Office in 2012.

One has to remember… it is Obama who has annointed himself as the nominee. He does not have enough pledged delegates to win, and must depend upon the Supers to put him over the top. Yet the Supers do not vote until Convention time, and may change their mind at any point between now and then.

As I said… rumors abound in the blogosphere of delegates and the tests of their loyalty to BHO. I suspect, as many FA’ers here like to say, that the popcorn poppers or microwave bags will be in abundance at the end of August. And the fat lady? She’s still traversing the streets of Denver, and hasn’t even started a warbling warm up on the process for the official DNC nominee.

It’s been pretty quiet on the HRC front since her careful “suspension”. But the pot is simmering now, and it’s not impossible for an October surprise to end up an August surprise for the Jr. Senator from IL.

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