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Found a great article that explains the gravity of this news event that most people barely notice.   I’ll have more on the Pandora’s Box of a nuclear-armed Iran later.  Till then, this is WELL WORTH THE READ!

An Israeli raid would be complicated – it’s over 1000 miles from Israel to Iran, and their planes would need permission to overfly Iraq, Saudi Arabia or Syria, refuel in the air and destroy several targets which are not only scattered throughout the country but also hardened. And even if successful, an Israeli attack would be unlikely to wipe out Iran’s nuclear program.

What would happen next? Iran has already announced it would retaliate by attacking US and Israeli targets in the region and blockading the Straits of Hormuz, which would be considered an act of war against the United States. An Israeli attack on Iran, with or without American cooperation, would trigger an Iranian response which could turn the Middle East into a ‘fireball’, according to UN nuclear weapons chief Mohammed El Baradei.

But wait – it gets worse. Forty percent of the world’s oil goes through the Straits of Hormuz, which is just 21 miles wide with shipping lanes only two miles wide. Blockade, sabotage, terrorist incidents – all of these are possible and any of them could halt the flow of oil. Even if the Straits remain open in such a crisis, insurance rates would be prohibitive. Gas rationing would be a given, and $5 gallon a gas just a fond memory. The economies of several countries would literally collapse.


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