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We’ve become accustomed to Barack Obama making disingenuous statements but this one takes the cake:

“I believe in personal responsibility, I also believe in faith. That’s not something new; I’ve been talking about that for years. So the notion that this is me trying to look” – he waves his hands around his head – “centrist is not true.”

Uh yeah. He’s flipped over FISA, guns, public financing, and gay marriage. And thats only recently. To say he has been trying to look more centrist is an understatement and any attempt by him to dismiss this as some kind of fraudulent accusation makes him look more disingenuous.

Yuval Levin has it right:

But when he makes such moves so easily and shamelessly and then denies that he has changed at all, can we be blamed if we conclude he’s just playing us for suckers and will revert to his very liberal origins (as demonstrated by his very liberal voting record) if he becomes president?

Nope, can’t be blamed at all. He WILL revert back to his origins, which is pure unadulterated liberalism…and not in the classic sense either. More like the Socialist sense.

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