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Group Photo by Sean.

You can view more of his remarkable work HERE. The magnificent NeoCon was not present at our rally as he was deployed to an undisclosed location this weekend.

It was good to stand on the corner in West Chester today. After the successful participation in TWO parades yesterday, the Sheepdogs were in high spirits. We also debuted our new banner boldly advertising our commitment and our support of the troops. We were happy to see Joe Dohety, who stood with us on Flag Day and returned to stand with us today. He brought his friend, Diane, who was proud to stand with the Sheepdogs in support of our troops.

As we embark upon our 11th month standing in support of our troops, there is tangible evidence that our dedication and respectful rallies are making a difference. Letters from our troops keep pouring into Rich’s email letting him know how thankful and encouraged they are seeing us stand up for them every week in West Chester. Our opposition takes a different tact – but they support the troops – don’t you know – and their email box remains empty.

Here is a quick picture spam from today’s rally. More photos of this rally can be found HERE

The patch featured above is sported by one of our Sheepdogs. Charlie shows up every week with a denim jacket covered in patches. Today, I took the time to ask about the meaning behind some of the patches. He pointed to the one pictured above and explained this was memorial patch to the 343 firemen that gave their lives on 9/11. The date is sewn upside down to indicate a distress call and the number “343” is designed in a tree pattern to honor the fallen firemen. Remember, these are the people the left had labeled ‘little eichmanns’. Every Saturday in West Chester, a Sheepdog finds a way to honor and remember these firemen.

Interested in joining us? We stand in support of our troops every Saturday at the corner of High & Market Streets in West Chester, PA. The rally begins at 10:45 AM and ends promptly at Noon. Immediately following the rally, we adjourn to a local restaurant for good food, good conversation and good beer!

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