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“There is no white America. There is no black America. There is no Latino America. There is no Asian America. There is just the United States of America.”
Senator Barack Obama

I’m offended by the Candidate of Unity…

I was hoping he’d be a different kind of candidate…one who would be all things to all people. But look here. Do you feel left out of the Hyphe Nation?

Where’s the campaign sticker that says, “Thai-Americans for Obama”? How dare he lump me in under the umbrella moniker, “Asian Americans Pacific Islanders for Obama” (or “AAPIS” for short). I’m special, dammit, and I demand my own subcategory!

Why no “Muslims for Obama”? Why no “Trial Lawyers for Obama”? Why no “Teachers Union for Obama”? “Biracials for Obama”? “Photographers for Obama”? “Journalists for Obama”? “Surfers for Obama” (in ’04, I saw “surfers for Kerry” stickers, I kid you not!)? “Grannies for Obama”? “Climate Change Scientists for Obama”? “Homeless for Obama”? “Millionaires for Obama”? “Billionaires for Obama”? “Hollywood for Obama”?

What’s neat, is I could actually fit into several categories: “People born on Feb 27th for Obama”…..”40-somethings for Obama”….”UCLA alumni for Obama”…..”Californians for Obama”….”Bloggers for Obama”….”Origami Paperfolders for Obama”…..”Gymnasts for Obama”….if only his campaign would get on the ball, I could support them by buying up several buttons to represent all the categories I fall under; it’d be more fun than stamp collecting. I could plaster my car to look like a hippie mobile with multiple “(Fill in the Blank) for Obama” bumperstickers. The more I have, the more the illusion that more and more people of diverse backgrounds supports the Messiah of Messy Unity.

Where are the stickers to represent “Gunowners for Obama“? They have “Republicans for Obama”, so I can’t understand, for the life of me, why they can’t also have “Pro-lifers for Obama”, represented. Can’t Castro and Chavez sport around a nifty “Dictators for Obama” baseball cap? Why not go international? “Germans for Obama“…..”Obama Japan for Obama“….”Europeans for Obama“…..”Brits for Obama”….”Illegal aliens Undocumented Immigrants for Obama”….

Since the only categories he lists in his “peoples section” on his campaign website are the following:

Asian American Pacific Islanders for Obama
African Americans for Obama (I’m assuming you don’t actually have to have been born in Africa to qualify…..but you know what they do say about “assume”….)
Americans Abroad for Obama (You have got to be crapping me?! Check it out:

The disappointment that so many around the world feel toward America right now is only a testament to the high expectations they hold for us. We must meet those expectations again, not because being respected is an end in itself, but because the security of America and the wider world demands it.

This will require a new spirit—not of bluster and bombast, but of quiet confidence and sober intelligence,
-Senator Obama

I guess it’s up to Americans Abroad to insure that we meet the “global test” )
Americans with Disabilities for Obama (Personally, I feel this is way too broad of a category…it’s wrong to simply “lump” everyone with disabilities into one category like this….he should subdivide this into”Blind for Obama (think of all the cute and clever slogans), “Hearing impaired for Obama” (“Deaf for Obama” and “Hard of Hearing for Obama” would be going to far, of course), “Wheelchairs for Obama”, “Those with Mental Illness for Obama”, Midgets & Giants The Vertically Challenged for Obama, etc.

Environmentalists for Obama
First Americans for Obama Here’s the opening statement:

First Americans for Obama is a community of people dedicated to bringing positive change to American politics and breaking the cycle of partisan ideology.

Uh, yeah….good luck with that. I didn’t know what a “First American” was until I read it here. I thought “Native Americans” was PC enough to distinguish between your generic “Indian” and confusion over “Indian-Americans” from India…. So who were the “Second Americans”? Vikings? Or were they first? I’m so confused….

Generation Obama
Kids for Obama (I guess this is where Baby Alex fits in)
Labor for Obama
Latinos for Obama
LGBT for Obama (Obama Pride)-Amusing how they don’t even spell out what the initials stand for….
National Delegates for Obama
Organizing Fellows for Obama
People of Faith for Obama (well, I guess if I were a Muslim, I need not be offended by exclusion…this is where I could fit in, along with Christians, Jews, scientologists, Buddhists, etc., etc., etc…..). He’s not intentionally trying to distance himself from Muslims, is he? That would just make him an atypical typical politician….
Students for Obama
Veterans for Obama One cannot run a political campaign without representative backing and photo-ops with this group. Obama statement on Army Suicide Report:

Today’s news is a tragic reminder of the staggering and ongoing costs of the Iraq war, particularly on our troops and their families. We are more than five years into this war, and the Pentagon and VA are still unprepared to treat the unseen wounds of battle. We know that incidence of psychological injury increase with each additional tour of duty in Iraq, and that our troops are not getting the support they need. Too many are falling through the cracks because they need help but feel they can’t get it. When I am President, we’ll hire more mental health professionals, increase training to recognize the signs and to reject the stigma of seeking care, and enhance mental health screening and treatment from enlistment, to deployment, to reentry into civilian life. It’s time to serve our troops as well as they have served us.

Our veterans do deserve the very best care. Not just lip service….and political spin. Michael Medved on on Soldiers and Suicide:

Leading media outlooks love to portray military personnel as victims, including a recent news item with the alarming headline: “Army Suicides Increased in 2007.” Sixteen paragraphs highlighted the fact that 115 members of the armed forces took their own lives last year, compared to 52 in 2001. While the Associated Press sought to connect these grim statistics to the war on terror, Army records show that 65 percent of suicides stemmed from broken relationships, not battlefield trauma. Moreover, the end of the news story noted that the civilian suicide rate – when adjusted for similar age and gender mixes–was actually higher than the rate in the military: 19.5—as opposed to the troops’ 18.5—per 100,000. In other words, despite alarmist packaging, serving in the armed forces makes you less likely, not more likely, to take your own life.

Also, read this from CJ, regarding Question 21.

Women for Obama On the website:

“Women have always made the difference in every election, and this year, your voice, your hope will be the deciding factors in forging a new future for America.”

— Barack Obama
Launch of California Women for Obama
September 7, 2007

In the news:

“If women take a moment to realise that on every issue important to women, John McCain is not in their corner, that would help them get over it,”– Senator Obama, allegedly said to Congresswoman Yvette Clark at a meeting with members of the Congressional Black Caucus


That’s it?!?! What a short list of special interest groups….so many are left out; so much potential for hurt feelings, inferiority complex, and alienation. This is the divisiveness of diversity. Why not simply unite the country under one slogan: “Americans for Obama”? That would be keeping the message simple. That would be true unity. But maybe that would look too simple….like only one group (AMERICANS!!!!!!) supports Obama rather than a multi-coalition of different groups and interests.

, me, please: I stand with all Americans who support John McCain.

Hat tip to Mata Harley, who still smarts over the fact that Senator Obama snubbed her by not having “Harley Riders for Obama” featured on his campaign website. (suggestion for sticker slogan: “Senator Obama: we harley knew thee”)

Admittedly, McCain does have his special interest section too: “Lawyers for McCain” and “Veterans for McCain”. But the maverick senator of Arizona gets a pass….those classifications are not based upon the superficiality of race and gender identity, and over-indulging “feel good” abundance.

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