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Obama has succeeded in separating the wheat from the chaff in the Democrat party.

We hear about these groups of disaffected Hillary voters who are resolved not to vote for Obama. A full 59% of Hillary voters in the West Virginia primary said that if Obama got the nomination, they would either vote for McCain or not vote at all. Obama and the DNC are desperately trying to unite the party, and though intra-party squabbles are usually ironed out by November, this year is without precedent. One cannot assume, as they say, that past experience is an accurate predictor of future performance.

Many Hillary Democrats seem to be taking a serious, principled stand in opposing Obama. It is not that they like McCain. They just think Obama would be very bad for America. After 8 years of George W. Bush, you would think party loyalty would prevail at all costs. But you would be wrong.

We have the PUMA (Party Unity My Ass) Party.

This is where we come in, PUMAs. We will fill the role that the superdelegates have abrogated. It is our job to say “no”. We do not want to lose in 2008. We do not want another four years of Republican rule. We want 4 years of intelligence, competence and courage in a time of what will surely be a very critical time in our nation’s history. Terrorism is still out there. There are two wars going on. Our military is stretched so thinly that our national security is compromised.

Now when was the last time you heard any Democrat talking about this being a critical time to win the wars and keep the country safe from terrorism? You hear it when Joe Lieberman speaks. You heard it when Zell Miller spoke at the 2004 Republican Convention.

Frankly, they think Obama is a cupcake who isn’t up for the job.

Now is not the time to put a love object in office, a weakling who will be entirely dependent on his power elite enablers.

Hillary supporters think their girl was tough, experienced, and smart enough to handle this. And it is not just Obama’s lack of fortitude. They really dislike his elitist, condescending attitude towards voters.

Barack Obama is a ruthless campaigner who has brought out the worst in the political system but no matter how far he has come, he is a failure. He has failed to live up to core Democratic principles, He has failed to respect the voters. He has failed to disguise his contempt for average, hard working American men and women. And because he has failed in so many ways to appeal to the electorate at large, he will fail the ultimate contest. He will be a failed presidential candidate.

The Swingcrats think the Harvard guy is a little out of his league too.

Our time of crisis is now. We are here to prevent the chance of an inexperienced, confused person from taking the highest office in the land.

Other Democrats are concerned about Obama’s cavalier dismissal of fundamental American Constitutional rights as quaint anachronisms of a simple people.

We have heard a candidate adopt an incredibly elitist message and tone toward the average American, a tone that no pragmatic and experienced candidate would ever adopt, and a message that has rightly offended many of us. This candidate has suggested that economic stress causes rural or working-class Americans “cling to guns and religion,” implying that embrace of 2nd Amendment rights or practice of faith was a symptom of something wrong with people rather than affirmed values they choose to have. The candidate refused to seriously retract this statement, instead saying it was “something that everyone knows is true.”

And this has been a pattern: when an error in judgment or association came to light, the candidate has condescendingly explained to the public, often in lengthy monologues, why he was actually right all along, implying that is was everyone else who made a mistake or didn’t understand the nuances of his enlightened thought on the subject.

McCain is hearing from a lot of Hillary Democrats.

Asked about Democrats who are not yet sold on Obama, [Campaign Manager Rick] Davis offered an intriguing comment: We have seen significant uptick in calls from states that have those voters. They have a lot of people who want to play with us.” Later in the conversation, asked if he could be certain these individuals would really vote for McCain, he responded, “they’re talking about endorsing us, so I think they’ll vote for us.” Asked which states they were getting the calls from, they said all over, but specifically mentioned Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan and Maryland. “In almost every state, there’s a core that’s starting to build, and we’re putting names on paper.”

All of these reasons why Democrats won’t vote for Obama are also exactly why Republicans will vote against him. Anything can happen by November, but Obama seems to have awakened the patriotic Democrats who actually love their country, who understand that the presidency is a job for a grownup, and who really do not like having their beliefs and intelligence insulted. Those American Democrats may join with the American Republicans in opposing Obama’s anti-American, racist, arrogant bid to control their beloved country.

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