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During last nights “Late Show with David Letterman” there was a segment with Tom Brokaw. And in between bouts of BDS spewing ignorance from the lips of Letterman they had a discussion on global warming.

It’s actually quite illuminating. Did you know the “Government has to lead us”? According to Letterman it was up to big Government to hold our hand and tell us what to do.

Typical liberal point of view. The government has to take care of us. The government has to be in charge of us. Without the government we can’t do anything right….


Well, anyways….here is Letterman getting a bit embarrassed by Brokaw on global warming when Brokaw points out that the individual needs to do more. Like say, for instance, stop flying in private jets for two people, or put away the big limo’s and so forth:

[flv:brokawletterman.flv 400 300]

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