Posted by Scott Malensek on 8 June, 2008 at 5:50 am. 7 comments already!


Democrats and opponents of the war in Iraq have claimed that American troops should be withdrawn from Iraq because “the war is lost.”  Republicans and even the traditional media outlets have seen that the change in strategy put forth by the Bush Administration in January 2007 has indeed dramatically reduced violence, enabled political and social reconciliation to begin among Iraqis, and has bought the Iraqi security forces enough time to start substantially taking the lead in operations against insurgents.  The new Bush strategy (commonly called “The Surge”) has also decimated Al Queda groups in Iraq.  Forces involved in the new Buhs strategy/The Surge have largely been withdrawn, and now it appears that next month General Petraeus is going to order more force reductions; more U.S. withdrawals.

Why?  Is it because President Bush embraced a strategy long promoted by Senator and Presidential Candidate John McCain, or will American troops be withdrawn in a defeat as Democrats claim?

How does one spin success into defeat while “supporting the troops”?  What will Senator Reid and others say to American forces who return?  “Welcome back, too bad you failed, but we always knew you would?”  Or will they say, “Thank you for doing what we thought was impossible?”

It’s gonna be interesting this Fourth of July.

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