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Let’s not forget to stop and smell the roses. We endured 8 years of Bill Clinton’s lying, philandering, lip-biting, and getting away with it. He sullied the Office of the Presidency (and the office of the president), and made us have to explain to our children what it means for the president to have oral sex; with a 21 year old employee; who is not his wife.

Hillary is also a lying power-monger who will (and may yet) do anything to get elected. From Travelgate to the missing Rose Law Firm billing records, she is cut from the same ragged cloth as her husband. Earlier in the primaries, before Reverend Wright made his sparkling debut, many of us would have preferred Obama over Hillary, just to drive a stake through the heart of the Clinton dynasty once and for all. The idea was to let him do what George H.W. Bush and Bob Dole could not, and we’ll deal with him after that.

But earlier in the primaries, lest we forget, she was the Inevitable Nominee. It was her experience. It was her electibility. She was the heir to the last two-term Democrat President since FDR. Everyone thought we would have to relive and re-litigate the 1990s.

But Barack slew the Dragon. In that, Republicans must rejoice. This is not to say she is gone forever. She could try a third party run. She could work behind the scenes to defeat Obama, prove to the Democrat Party they made a mistake, and run again in 2012. But she will not be the nominee and here’s to that.

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