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When I was a younger man I found myself in many a fight. Usually because of my smart mouth and unwillingness to bow down to anyone. Well, I’ve learned to choose my words better 98% of the time and if you’ll forgive me, still can’t seem to bow down. Stay with me.

I’ll never forget a fight behind the school bus line one summer day with a fellah bigger than me who decided to have a little fun with this smart mouth Buffoon. He kept taunting me to watch his left hand, “watch my left, watch my left”, he said. I was dumbfounded. What in the world is he talking about, I thought? Then BLAM! He knocked piss, fire and vinegar out of me with his right. Now I know why he wanted me to watch his left hand, because as soon as I became fixated on it, his right was going to take me out, and take me out it did. Still with me?

Why am I sharing this story you ask?

Let’s look around at some of the big top main attractions that unfold on a daily basis.

Pelosi credits Iran with any recent success in Iraq. Yet another whack-job, closely associated to a presidential candidate, spews total stupidity from behind the pulpit, a tax free pulpit at that. A White House aide “pens” a memoir describing wide spread corruption at the highest level’s of our representative leadership. A crane falls. A bloated ex vice president defrauds the world with a tax scheme, the list goes on. All important issues to consider, without a doubt.

But, I fear we’re looking at the left hand, and not guarding our right. Still with me?

What I hope to convey to you today is that we need to keep our guard up and not fall victim to the “left.”

Easy to say I know, but, in my humble opinion the real damage being done to our fine Republic is much less visible and far more damaging. After all, no one cares what Madame Pelosi say’s and those that do are useless, hopeless saps. The heinous damage being inflicted at every level of our government that isn’t making headlines is the true snake in the bush so to speak, it moves along slow, steady and with a purpose, the purpose of destroying America.

So, with myself included, let’s DO more and make the political analysis part of our daily lives smaller, to free up resource’s for the DO part of our struggle for life. A struggle for life is after all, what we are engaged in. Life as we know it, life as our founders intended and life as it should be. Free.

I challenge each and every one of you to include a link to CONTACT YOUR REP at the end of any blog entry, radio show or article you hereafter produce, even that email to grandma.

Together we are many, together we see all, together we will prevail. This is how we’ll avoid the smokescreen. Together.

Please distribute widely.

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