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Ah yes. The man who was “right” when he voted against the war (doh! what am I saying, he wasn’t in Congress at the time….well, he was still against it). The man who is omni-prescient about the war. Except he has pretty much gotten everything wrong about the war.

McCain said on the same day and on the same show:

“I think the case still needs to be made,” McCain said this morning, calling the debate so far “superficial.” “This is about a new strategy, of which an increase in troop strength is an integral part.”

The deployment of 21,500 additional troops is part of a new plan to secure Baghdad and other parts of Iraq, McCain said. “We will go in and we will clear and hold and build,” he said. “As most people know, we have gone in and cleared and left and the insurgents have returned… Do I believe it can succeed? Yes, I do.”

Hmmmm….who was right there? Well, according to Axelrod today Obama was right also since he really DID feel that the surge of troops would work before he felt the surge of troops wouldn’t work.

Do I have that right? Gets kinda confusing ala….John Kerry flip flopping. He sure is about change tho…..change change and more change.

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