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Ahhhh, how many times have I heard and seen that expression? It seems to popup every time an opponent of Operation Iraqi Freedom responds to discussion of Al Queda’s role in Iraq. What makes it interesting today is that the relevance of the argument declines with each passing moment.

Now, I’m clearly one of those people that believes groups in the Al Queda network of terrorist groups were in Iraq before the invasion, and were working with Saddam’s regime. That too is less and less relevant with each passing day, and therefore we can debate the matter of historical event and presence elsewhere and at another time. For now, right now, today-in 2008, it’s infinitely more important to talk about Al Queda and the war in Iraq as it is TODAY.

This article does a great job.

To date, not one “mainstream media” journalist has pressed the leading advocates of unconditional surrender to describe in detail what might happen after we “bring the troops home now.”

There’s plenty of unchallenged sloganeering, but no serious debate. This selective political softball and pep-rally journalism serves neither our country nor our political process well.

So, let’s bring those quit-Iraq time-travelers back to mid-2008 and fill them in on what’s happened since they were ideologically stranded five years ago:

* After our troops reached Baghdad, al Qaeda’s leaders made a colossal strategic miscalculation and publicly declared that Iraq was now the central front in their jihad against us. Matter of record, in the enemy’s own words.

* Some Iraqi Sunni Arabs, lamenting the national pre-eminence they’d lost, rallied to the terrorists.

* Al Qaeda in Iraq and its affiliates then embarked on a campaign of widespread atrocities: videotaped beheadings, mass bombings of civilians, assassinations, widespread rape (of boys and girls, as well as of women), kidnappings and brutal efforts to dictate the intimate details of Iraqi lives.

* Al Qaeda’s savagery alienated the Sunni Arab masses in record time. Suddenly, those American “occupiers” looked like saviors.