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From the New York Times

Iran’s alleged research into designing nuclear warheads remains a matter of serious concern and needs “substantive explanations”, the U.N. nuclear watchdog said on Monday.

The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) also said in its latest report on Iran that Tehran had 3,500 uranium enrichment centrifuges working at its Natanz underground nuclear facility, a slightly higher number than earlier this year.

The agency said it had not been given access to Iranian nuclear-related sites that it asked to see in April.

Wait a minute. The IAEA talked to Iran and asked them to let them see the sites and Iran . . . refused? But I thought talking was the stuff of Hope and Change. It must be because President Obama hasn’t actually sat down for a chat with old Mahmoud yet.

But even if Obama were the president, we’d still have a fly in the ointment. Apparently the Iranians don’t want to talk to the United Nations. Barack never told us what would happen if our enemies didn’t want to talk to us. I thought Iran, Cuba, and Venezuela were just waiting for us to talk to them, but because George Bush refused, they were sitting home pouting and waiting for The Talker to be elected in November.

The IAEA has been pressing Tehran for answers after Western intelligence alleged that Iran had covertly studied how to design atomic bombs. Iran has dismissed the intelligence as baseless, forged or irrelevant.

“Substantive explanations are required from Iran to support its statements on the alleged studies and on other information with a possible military dimension,” the agency said in its report.

“We have not got substantive answers and we could have gotten those earlier,” a senior U.N. official said. “It’s up to Iran (now).”

Now what Senator Obama?

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