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I was also present a week later at the Chester County Courthouse, as the all peace protesters intermixed with us, and heard the statements Tony refers to in this remarkable letter to the editor:

Victim displays class over incident :

I read your account of the court’s decision in the attack by one of Karen Porter’s “peace” supporters with great interest. The day after the incident I viewed a video on the victim’s Web site. What one attorney who wrote a letter to the Daily Local observed and what the court has clearly stated from the facts of the incident are clearly at odds with Karen Porter’s rendition and the actual video I observed.

The week following the incident I heard Karen Porter addressing her “troops” on the courthouse steps. From her comments you would have thought the young woman had attacked the perpetrator. It’s hard for me to imagine that Karen Porter is an attorney … her comments about this incident have no basis in the facts of the case. But then again a lot of what Ms. Porter says about many issues, has no basis in fact.

It’s nice to see that justice was served in this case. It’s also worthy to note that the young woman from the Victory Movement, could have sought more aggressive recompense. But as is typical of the folks on that side of the street, she settled for a formal apology … classy lady.

Anthony J. Oleck
Kennett Square

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