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Via Brussels Journal and SnappedShot

Belgian police is protecting a 17th century pulpit in the Flemish town of Dendermonde. The pulpit in the Catholic church of Our Lady dates from 1685, two years after the battle of Vienna when the Christian armies of the Polish King John III Sobieski defeated the Turks MUSLIMS poised to overrun Europe. The sculpted wooden pulpit, made by Mattheus van Beveren, depicts a man subdued by angels and represents the triumph of Christianity over Islam. The man is generally thought to be Mohammed. He is holding a book which is generally assumed to be the Koran.


Via New York Times:

Five men were arrested in Bologna in northern Italy this week after their behavior inside a basilica aroused police officers’ suspicions that they were plotting a terrorist attack, Italian law enforcement officials said today. The men, who were arrested on Monday morning, included four Moroccans Muslims, according to the officials. The police at the San Petronio Basilica, which is one of Italy’s Gothic treasures, had been on alert because it contains a 15th-century fresco with a depiction of the prophet Muhammad among demons in hell that has drawn complaints from Muslims. Officials said they transcribed and translated what the four Moroccans were saying while the video camera was on. According to that transcript, one of them said, ”What Bin Laden does is what needs doing here.”


Via CNN and The Sniper

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan (CNN) — Afghanistan’s Taleban has destroyed two giant Buddhas carved into a cliff centuries ago, pictures obtained by CNN show. United Nations officials confirmed the claims made by the Taleban, which announced last month it would destroy images deemed “offensive to Islam.”

What will we allow to be destroyed next?

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