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Slow news day and with a bit of time on my hand I figured a perusal of the garbage heap at DummiesU would make for some entertainment….and I wasn’t disappointed.

Bush said Saturday that “it breaks my heart” that the Palestinian people have been unable to establish an independent homeland and he vowed anew to try to forge an Israeli-Palestinian agreement by year’s end.

You could imagine the comments from the DU brethren:

you know he has his track shoes on, to get the hell out of this cush job he thought he had, the mofo ain’t thought a lick in his life, what’s seven years compared to that? Fuck him and everything related to his maladministration.

The celebration of the Jewish state is also the commemoration of the displacement of 700,000 Palestinians.

F3ck you, Junior, and your enabling of a genocide.

This thread is a sure winner. The writer rails against the fact that Bushitler won’t be impeached and imprisoned. Hilarity ensues:

So, I guess we’re just going to let them all get away with it… Ain’t that a bitch…

Hurry up now y’all… let’s hurry up with this election and forget all about George and Dick… just forget about their molestation of America.

Let’s just forget about the death they intentionally caused… deceitfully caused… heinously caused… just forget about it… you spineless mother fuckers…

Let’s just forget about the torture they ordered our soldiers to administer to innocent civilians… yeah, that’s fucking great… they ordered the torture and the soldiers sit in jail… America, you are fucking pathetic… sorry, but if you let these motherfuckers get away with this shit you have failed as a nation.

In nine months, they walk away from one of the most despicable crimes in human history and fade off like O.J. Simpson; to an obscure golf course sipping colada’s… while we reap the harvest they have sown… you fucking Americans have got to be the out of your minds. If you don’t hold them to account, history will forever judge our America as a historical embarrassment… a traitor to our magnificent potential.

Go ahead, let these murderous greed-driven demons walk… tell them that you know how weak you are and how strong they are… tell every vicious dictator that even America can be bent over in the shower and raped like a prison whore… and we’ll just pretend it never happened. I have watched stories on daytime shock shows of mothers who knew their child was being molested but chose to pretend it wasn’t happening… I had always believed that the mother really didn’t know but now… as I watch Congress haggle over how much money they are going to give those two fucking murderers to go and murder some more people, I got to wonder if maybe there aren’t some mothers who would just roll over in bed and cover their ears. It appears our entire nation is bursting at the seams with just that sort of person… and it is clear they have ample representation in Congress.

Oh god, stop….my ribs are hurting

that’s one of the reasons I’ve supported Obama. he’s pledged that his AG will investigate this administration and all their crimes. I’m all for that, although I do wish it would’ve happened a few years ago.

Our little state has two cities with warrants for their arrests! I like Vermont 🙂

K&R, mike. But I am afraid you will be disappointed. No way in hell will Obama investigate these giggling murderers. He will have to “heal the nation” and “bring everyone together”. The giggling murderers will live long, happy lives in luxury paid for with blood-money. We all know that the Democrats will never investigate these bastards…we-all-know-they-won’t…

The above commenter who is so upset with the “murderers” has this as his tag line:

“If you tremble with indignation at every injustice, then you are a comrade of mine.” – Che Guevara

Can’t make this stuff up.

No. There’s still hope

If the United States does not hold the Bush regime accountable, others who are signatory to the int’l criminal court will – including those at the highest levels of the British govt. Of course this assumes they are brought to the court, but I think that after the Republicans are defeated, there will be some sort of action to address these issues in the U.S.

We as a nation cannot allow this to stand as is.

Bush, Cheney, Rummy, Yoo, Bybee, Feith, Addington and others have knowingly and willfully committed crimes against humanity and if we expect to have any standing in the int’l community, we as a nation will have to address this.

I think it’s finally starting to dawn on democrats that BushCo is so hated they can take this on. I think they were afraid to before. It needs to be a bipartisan effort, tho. And there are ppl on both sides who will support action against the Bush junta.


No, we DIDN’T vote them in.

Forget Florida 2000 and Ohio 2004 much?

Bushler has yet to be elected ONCE.

Having said that, we have been remiss (which is too tepid a word by about 1000X) to protect and defend the Republic that the Founding Fathers bequeathed us, when psychopathic, sociopathic tyrants came along and used an updated version of the Caesar-Hitler plan for turning Republics into tyrannies…to turn our Republic into a tyranny (a kinder and gentler one, for the moment).

So you are not entirly off the mark in your asertion that we have gotten the tyranny we deserve.

But it had nothing to do with us voting the Bushies in. They LOST in 2000 and 2004. They’ll probably lose in 2008, but I have no confidence that we are going to stop the massive vote suppression, both manual and electronic, so get ready for Emperor McBush.

And thats just from a couple of threads. You need a smile on your face? Visit DummiesU, always good for laughs.


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