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Israel says Iran will be in a position to begin enriching uranium on a military scale this year.

According to The Jerusalem Post, the new assessment moves up Israel’s forecasts on Tehran’s nuclear program by almost a full year – from 2009 to the end of 2008. According to the new timeline, Iran could have a nuclear weapon by the middle of next year.

The Post, in an execlusive, quoted a senior Iranian defense official as saying the Islamic Republic was now on track to master the technology needed to enrich uranium within six months.

SO! Who’s gonna stop Iran from developing a nuclear bomb (or as many as 40 a year), and most importantly how does one stop Iran from giving a nuke to one of their state-sponsored terrorists seeking martrdom (They give these terrorists bullets, rifles, bombs, and short range missiles…why not a nuke)?

Will President Obama take office and bomb Iran?
Will the Israelis bomb Iran before the US election and set off a regional war?
Will the US bomb Iran before the US election, and if so…how will President Obama end the regional war?
Will the US bomb Iran after the US election, and if so…how will President Obama deal with the thousands of suicide bombers already signed up to attack the US?
What happens to oil prices if Iran is bombed by anyone?
Is there a peaceful way to stop Iran from killing Americans in Iraq, from fueling the terrorist wars against Israel, and from pursuing nuclear weapons in the next 6-12 months?

And if 8 months into the Obama Administration a nuclear bomb goes off in an American city…who will President Obama hold responsible, what will he do, and will he get the “it happened on his watch” rantings from the left?”

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