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It’s almost been 8years since the plot to sink either the USS Sullivans or the USS Cole was set in motion.   For many time doesn’t matter.  Families for the USS Cole victims have tried to meet with President Bush to get him to take action, but after 8 years President Bush refuses to take action against the plotters or to even meet with the families of the USS Cole or its survivors.   One would think that if nothing else the photo opportunity would be worthy, but not President Bush.

The Cole is a sad story of American leaders’ incredible reluctance to even be seen recognizing the hardest of decisions unless compelled by outside forces.  Remember, within days of the attack, CNN reported that the Clinton Administration was almost certain it was an Al Queda attack.  Within 2 weeks of the attack, this was confirmed.  Rather than start a war on the eve of an election, and rather than toss Al Gore’s campaign to the trash heap, President Clinton chose to push off reaction to the Cole attack for the next President to deal with.  President Bush failed to take action.  Now, almost all of the Cole plotters are free (except for the two bombers and a handful of those in US custody).  While several investigations into who to blame for not preventing the attack were conducted, the 8year old investigation into the attack is collapsing. 


This is disgraceful.  Apparently he tired of dealing with the Cole before he even started.  He faltered in pursuing the attackers, and he failed to even complete the investigation.

(footnote: While the FBI had bomb residue analysis test done on the USS Cole within 100hrs of the attack they continue to refuse to reveal where the massive amounts of Russian RDX came from, or how the bombmakers could manage to build a sophisticated “wafer’/shaped charge but couldn’t manage to build a boat to carry it to the target.)

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