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This article by Elizabeth Wurtzel pretty much tries to explain away all of Obama’s character issues as being no big deal because….wait for it….because Obama is expecting us all to act like we all have some brains and can get over it.

Just no big deal:

In a way, the public is saying that we don’t want the country erupting into a divisiveness akin to what created the ’60s scene, the atmosphere of the Weather Underground. Even Jeremiah Wright, an embarrassing pastor who would probably have brought down a less-deft political prestidigitator, will not do in Barack Obama. The Reverend rants and raves. It’s a mess. But Mr. Obama’s campaign will carry on.

As for Mr. Obama’s friends, the Weathercouple: By all accounts, Bernardine Dohrn and Bill Ayers are unfathomably charming, brilliant and comely people, absolutely irresistible. Everybody who meets them is taken and forgets what they should know.

Mr. Obama expects us all to understand this, because we understand everything else. He is doing something most unusual: He’s acting as if the American people are thinking with their brains. He’s giving all of us a lot of credit. Could it be that we deserve it?


So we should all just forget about Obama’s very bad judgement in befriending the likes of Rezko and Auchi, Odinga, Ayers, The New Black Panther Party, La Raza, Farrakhan, Mr. Wright, and the homophobe Rev. James T. Meeks.

Not likely. Nor should it be when picking the next President of the United States.

There is one interesting point Elizabeth makes tho in her article:

Apparently, back when he was running for state senate, Barack Obama had fund-raising events at the home of Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn, and there’s been some press about the senator’s friendship with this controversial Weathercouple. Many reporters are well aware, even though Mr. Obama has described his connection to Ayers and Dohrn as “flimsy,” that the senator’s relationship with his radical Hyde Park neighbors is actually quite warm, even close.

Now isn’t that interesting. Is she saying that reporters from our MSM are not reporting on facts they know to be true, that being the fact that Obama and the terrorists are quite close, because they just want people to get over it?

But just get over it people and let him win dammit! He is the messiah don’t ya know?

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