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The chickens…..have come home… roost:

In the race for the Democratic Presidential Nomination, the Wright impact is especially evident. Clinton now has a statistically insignificant two-point edge over Obama, 46% to 44%. However, that represents a ten-point swing since Wright’s press conference. Before Pastor Wright appeared at the National Press Club, Obama led Clinton by eight points…


Fifty-four percent (54%) of New Hampshire voters say it’s at least Somewhat Likely that Obama shares some of Pastor Wright’s controversial views about the United States. That figure includes 73% of Republicans, 55% of unaffiliated voters, and 36% of Democrats.

Most voters (56%) say Obama denounced Wright because it was politically convenient. Only 33% believe he was truly outraged.

Thats not all of it:

In general election polling John McCain now attracts 46% of the vote while Barack Obama earns 43%. Just before Wright had his press conference on Monday, McCain and Obama were even. A week ago, Obama had a two-point edge. McCain is now tied with Hillary Clinton at 44%. A week ago, McCain had a two-point edge over the former First Lady.

Meanwhile another superdelegate has come out of the shadows and come out in favor of Obama:

“I’m calling on my all of my friends who are superdelegates to help heal the rift and unite behind Barack Obama, now,” says former Clinton supporter and former DNC chair Joe Andrew…

ANDREW SAID that he doesn’t buy the DNC’s position, which is that “this long process we’re involved in is reinvigorating.” But “you also see more and more polls that people are hardening their position and few of them are willing to back the other candidate.”

Joe….give it up. Hillary is not going anywhere until the convention. No way, no how. But he is right in one respect. As time goes on the supporters of their respective candidate become hardened against going for the other person if their guy doesn’t win.

Which is good news for the Republicans.

I love it!


Yeah Big O’….we’re all tired of hearing about your mentor now that he has damaged your run for the presidency:

WASHINGTON – Democrat Barack Obama and his wife said Thursday the public is tired of hearing about incendiary remarks by their former pastor, as they sought to put the controversy that has rocked his presidential campaign to rest.

“We hear time and time again voters are tired of this,” Michelle Obama said in an interview the couple gave to NBC’s “Today” show.

Its called narcissism. Obama is tired of hearing about his pastor so therefore everyone is also tired also.

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