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This research and investigation comes from very frustrated, but dedicated people monitoring the rise of militant Islam (though history shows no other form) in the West. They are well researched, informed, and as expected, the West is ignoring them. In essence, these Islamists are well funded, entrenched, and now politically coddled groups within the United States and Canada. They are also deadly with a long history of attacks against “infidels” of all stripes.

From the New English Review

Jamaat ul-Fuqra
“The best positioned group to help al-Qaeda launch an attack in the US.”

by Jerry Gordon

Wall Street Journalist Danny Pearl was on his way to a meeting with Jamaat ul-Fuqra (JF) founder, Sheik Mubarak Ali Gilani in Lahore, Pakistan on January 22, 2002. He was on the hunt for al Qaeda connections when he was abducted and slaughtered by Islamic Extremist and British citizen, Ahmed Omar Saeed Sheikh.

Were there any connections between the shadowy Sheik Gilani and the murder of Pearl? Pakistani authorities had Gilani jailed and later put under house arrest. Given the turmoil in that country, we may never know the extent of his involvement.

What we do know is that since the founding of JF, or the “community of the impoverished,” by Gilani in 1980, a network of 45 paramilitary training camps in the US and Canada have been created. The group here in the US has committed attacks and robberies, acquired contraband arms, engaged in counterfeit activities, and proselytized effectively among Afro-American prison inmates. JF members participated in the 1993 terror bombing of the World Trade Center.

JF seeks to “purify Islam” through violence.

What is of great concern is that federal and state law enforcement authorities have investigated and monitored JF and its front group Muslims of the Americas (MoA) and delisted the group as a terrorist organization. Nor has the IRS taken away MoA’s charitable tax exempt status.

Here is the State Dept’s reasons for not adding JF to the list of terrorist organizations in 2000. As usual, American (and the West in general) sticks its head in the sand reguarding militant Islam.

Question: The group headed by Sheik Gilani used to be designated by the State Department as a terrorist group but it was taken off the list. Why?

Answer: Jamaat ul-Fuqra has never been designated as a Foreign Terrorist Organization. It was included in several recent annual terrorism reports under “other terrorist groups,” i.e., groups that had carried out acts of terrorism but that were not formally designated by the Secretary of State. However, because of the group’s inactivity during 2000, it was not included in the most recent terrorism report covering that calendar year.

The Anti-Defamation League, however, has monitored this Islamic supremacy and hate group.

On Jews

“Jews are an example of human Satans. This is why Jews are the founders of Satan worship and Masonic lodges, and are now trying to take over the entire globe in which the global religion is to be Satanism….In the US there are now thousands of temples where Satan is worshipped. This Satanism has now become the ultimate tool in the hands of Zionists. ”

— “Satanism,” MOA Web site

In the interest of post length, I only took one of the shorter quotes from the ADL. There are more.

On Christians

“If you ask any Christian ‘What is meant by belief in God Almighty?’ he will not be able to give you any rational explanation. On the contrary, he will confuse you, and damage you psychologically…Christians would rather submit to the theory that they have killed their god and now believe in the supremacy and power of Satan. Try to imagine the type of mentality that is build upon such a belief: Masochism, suicide, Satanism…they confuse the matter still more by introducing the fable of the Risen Christ, but have never produced a solitary witness to testify that he or she actually saw Christ ascending…One certain factor in the propagation of this nonsense is that the priests want poor, simple folk to believe in Jesus as the Son of God, whereas Jesus himself never proclaimed to be such… The vicars of Christ, after having completely confused western man in the matter of belief, use this method to manipulate the people in such a way that the priests are accepted as gods who have the power to send people to Heaven, Hell, or atone their sins… By having put their god on a crucifix as opposed to executing Satan, they not only have blasphemed against the Wisdom and Judgment of God Almighty, but reduced Him to a role of subservience to Satan. Similarly, by attributing the words of the Bible to God, they also attribute all their fallacies, inaccuracies, irrationalities, lies, and contradictions to Him!”

— “Psycho-Religious Causes of Some Incurable Diseases,” MOA Web site

I point out the disease of projectionism often to trolls. The above is a prime example. Imams do exactly what the MOA states Christian leaders and religion does. I would also hazard that MOA missed those huge sections of the Bible which contradict their lies. I would imagine Johann von Leers (aka Omar Amin) would approve whole-heartedly of MOA’s deception and hate.

On Gays

“The agents of Shaytan (Satan) are many. Many efforts are put forth to mislead masses into darkness via Satanic philosophies, ideologies, and schisms brought forth to divide and keep humanity divided, resulting in immorality, bigotry, break-down of family structure, and numerous unspeakable crimes against humanity. A perfect example of this point would be homosexuality.”

— “Conspiracies Against Islam,” MOA Web site

Again, to leftists who seem to support these islamofascists: YOU ARE NUMBER ONE ON THESE PEOPLE’S “Infidels I have to Kill Today” LIST!! Yet, you not only deny the truth in front of you, but you enable these groups to exist and spread evil while stabbing those of us combating them in the back!!!

On Violence

“The Ummah cannot afford to sit back complacently as an idle observer witnessing his own destruction. Along with a return to Allah, Muslims are required to sacrifice and aid those who are in the forefront in the field to guard the Ummah and Islam. Rasulullah (Sallallahu-‘Alayhi-Wa-Sallam) said ‘that there will always remain a small devoted band of his followers who will remain ever vigilant, holding aloft the Standard of Islam…exposing themselves to dangers and sacrificing their all for the Love of Allah…Muslims who are unable to enter into this field of effort and sacrifice are at least required to aid this Holy Task with their Du’as [prayers] and financial resources and with whatever other means they possess. If the Muslims fail in this duty, they will most assuredly be apprehended by the Punishment of Allah…”

— MOA E-mail message, January 3, 2002

Note, this was long before Operation Iraqi Freedom.

As noted in Militant Islam Monitor, JF’s objective, indeed “their foremost duty” as revealed in a 1991 investigation of its Open Quranic University, is “to wage Jihad against the oppressors of Muslims.” This is an organization of Islamist extremists more virulent in many ways than the Muslim Brotherhood fronts in this country and abroad.

JF found fertile ground in US prisons and attracted Muslim converts. Estimates of ul-Fuqra members in the US range as high as 6,000.

The group’s founder, Sheik Gilani, refers to himself as the ‘sixth Sultan ul-Fuqra’ and fashions himself as a direct descendent of Muhammad.

Headquarters for JF in the US is located in upstate Hancock, New York. Other JF locations include: Hagerstown, Maryland; Falls Church, Virginia; York, South Carolina; Dover, Tennessee; Buena Vista, Colorado; Talihina, Oklahoma; Tulare County, and Squaw Valley , California. Large complexes have been established in Red House, Virginia and Commerce, Georgia near Macon. JF also has two basic training facilities in the Metro Toronto area in Canada.

The JF front group and tax exempt charity, MoA, maintain offices in Tallahassee, Florida; Binghamton, New York; Springfield, Massachusetts; Dover, Delaware; and Roanoke, Virginia.

So why have we not heard about these? Why are these long standing facilities, full of illegal, fully automatic firearms and explosives not all raided by the BATF, FBI, and local police? Some were, but I never heard about these until now. Considering this group’s history and continued activities, why are they allowed to exist?

From the Miliant Islam Monitor

Authorities said the FBI notified California law-
enforcement agencies in the early 1990s, asking them to
keep an eye on the Muslim community in the Sierra
foothills. Last year, U.S. marshals arrested James
Hobson, who was visiting Baladullah, on a firearms
warrant out of South Carolina, where al-Fuqra has
another encampment.

The case of the missing school funds in California is
similar to an operation the group had in Colorado, which
was shut down in 1993 by state law-enforcement
officials. Five al-Fuqra members were convicted of
defrauding the Colorado government of approximately
$350,000 through bogus worker’s compensation claims.

Muslims of America claims to be nonviolent, saying in a
recent statement that Sheik Gilani “does not condone nor
teach us to condone violence, especially against the

Raids by police in 1992 and 1993 on a 101-acre Muslim commune in central Colorado turned up bombs, automatic weapons, ammunition and plans for terrorist attacks. At least two of the communes – in New York and California -have shooting ranges.

But nooooo… the left keeps screaming it is us *evil* “neocons” and NRA members who are the threat……. WAKE UP MORONS!!!!!!!! How many more times do we have to point out the clear and present danger of these ATTACKING islamofascists before the “blame America First/Last/Always” crowd realizes we are under attack not because of our foreign policy, or economic prosperity, or any past transgressions (Islam still conducts slave trading BTW, but that is another topic). We are UNDER ATTACK for the “crime” of NOT being Islamic. That is the bottom line!

More from Dr. Paul Williams, “In the Belly of the Beast: Jamaat ul-Fuqra”:

Jamaat ul-Fuqra has close ties to al-Qaeda. In December 1993, Sheik Mubarak Ali Gilani, the founder of ul-Fuqra, was an honored guest at an international gathering of Islamic terrorists at the residence of Hassan al-Turabi in Khartoum. At the gathering, Sheik Gilani and Osama bin Laden were caught on film chanting, “Down, down with the USA!” “Down, down with the CIA,” and “Death to the Jews.” The film now remains in the “Alec File” – the CIA dossier on bin Laden.

Members of the group have been arrested for trafficking in firearms, including AK-47s. A recent report prepared by the Center for Policing Terrorism maintains that Jamaat ul-Fuqra “may be the best positioned group to launch an attack on the United States, or, more likely, help al-Qaeda to do so.”

Since the time of its establishment at a radical mosque in Brooklyn, New York, Jamaat ul-Fuqra has been responsible for more terror attacks on America soil (30 and counting) than all the other terrorist groups combined. It has spawned and sponsored assassinations, kidnappings, mass murder, grand theft and fraud.

Some noted associates of Jamaat ul-Fuqra include Richard Reid, the Shoe bomber and John Allen Muhammad, the Beltway sniper.

Members of the group, including Clement Rodney Hampton-El took part in the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center.

And it gets worse. From Miliant Islam Monitor and cited in the sourced article:

In the 1980s, they carried out various terrorist acts, including numerous fire-bombings across the United States. JF’s early targets in North America were ethnic Indians and targets linked to various Indian sects. In July 1983, Stephen Paul Paster, a front ranking JF member, was responsible for planting a pipe bomb at a Portland hotel owned by followers of the Bhagwan Rajneesh cult. After his arrest in Colorado, Paster served four years of a 20-year prison sentence for the bombing. He was suspected but not charged in two other bombings in Seattle in 1984 – the bombings of the Vedanta Society temple and the Integral Yoga Society building. Currently, Paster is reported to be based in Lahore, Pakistan, from where, intelligence sources say, he provides explosives training to ul-Fuqra cadres.

After the Portland bombing, two ul-Fuqra cadres allegedly killed Mozaffar Ahmad, a leader of the minority Ahmadiyyah sect, in Canton, Michigan. Both suspects reportedly perished in a fire they set at the Ahmadiyyah mosque in nearby Detroit. The JF is also reported to have been involved in the killing of three Indians on August 1, 1984 in a suburb of Tacoma, Washington. JF is suspected of involvement in a series of fire bombings of Hindu and Hare Krishna temples in Seattle, Denver, Philadelphia and Kansas City.

US officials in 1989, during a search of a storage locker in Colorado Springs, recovered a large cache of armaments and documents with links to the JF. Among the arms recovered were handguns, semi-automatic firearms, explosives, pipe bombs, bomb components and several bombs. Some of the seized documents described the activities and code of the “Muhammad Commandos of Sector 5,” who were reportedly involved in arms training and intelligence gathering. The documents, including maps and lists, contained details of potential JF targets and victims in Los Angeles, Arizona and Colorado. Targets included oil and gas installations and electrical facilities, US. Air Force Academy and other military sites, and people in 12 US states and Canada with Jewish or Hindu-sounding names. Various JF publications were seized during this search. Titles of some of the publications seized included “Guerrilla Warfare”, “Counter Guerrilla Operations”, “Understanding Amateur Radio”, “Fair Weather Flying,” and “Basic Blueprint Reading and Sketching.”

In 1991, JF’s plans to bomb an Indian cinema and a Hindu temple near Toronto were unsuccessful. Five JF cadre members were arrested at the Niagara Falls border crossing after US Customs agents searched their cars and found visual evidence and plans of the interiors of the targets including a description of time bombs. A Canadian jury convicted three American JF cadre members of conspiracy to commit mischief and endanger life. A fourth suspect, who had come to Canada from Pakistan shortly before the planned bombing, fled to Pakistan after his colleagues’ arrest, according to evidence presented at the trial.

A money laundering scheme run by the Red House Commune is reportedly similar to a Colorado operation that was shut down in 1993. Colorado law enforcement agencies convicted five JF cadre members for defrauding the Colorado government of approximately $350,000 through bogus workers’ compensation claims. Prosecuting agencies have indicated that the amount had been laundered through Professional Security International (PSI), a JF security firm, and MoA. A portion of the funds was tracked through PSI to JF couriers who traveled to Pakistan. The PSI reportedly enabled JF cadre members to obtain federal licenses to buy weapons. JF is also suspected of operating two more security firms located in New York.

The JF commune in Colorado is spread across 101 acres. A police raid recovered bombs, weapons and plans for terrorist attacks in 1993. Two other communes in New York and California have shooting ranges. The 1,800-acre settlement in the Sierra Mountains in California also reportedly has an airstrip.

For those who do not keep up, the Ahmadiyyah are considered apostates by most of Islam. basically, the Ahmadiyyah (or Ahmaadi) are not militant enough for the rest of Islam. They still preach against all other religions and demand the world adhere to Islam, but not as militantly as the other sects, especially the Whabbahists.

In all, JF is a pretty well entrenched and deadly group.

But wait!!! There’s more!!!

From the Northeast Intelligence Network from Federal Court documents:

According to investigative reports, the counterfeit clothing ring led by Abbas Chouman, 43, of Astoria, NY generated over $7 million in revenue. Chouman was sentenced on Friday, October 12, 2007 to 57 months in federal prison for his role in the criminal copyright infringement scam. In September, Haqq, Pierre and Harmon were sentenced to 8, 24, and 27 month prison terms respectively for their roles in the operation; on August 2nd, Ishoc Uthman Ibn-Abdus Salaam, was sentenced to 18 months in prison after being found guilty by a federal jury in Richmond of attempted conspiracy to traffic in counterfeit goods. Additionally, Terri Singleton, 34, of Beckley, West Virginia, one of Roundtree’s three wives, previously plead guilty to conspiracy to traffic in counterfeit goods with Roundtree. Singleton received two years probation in a separate federal court penalty hearing.

As part of the investigation conducted by this agency, it was determined that three of the above named defendants, Ismail Haqq, 33, Cherubin Pierre, 32, and Ronald Roundtree, 51 have ties to the MoA and JF encampments located within the United States and Canada.

More from the New English Review article:

The JF Mosque in Brooklyn, a literal ‘beehive’ of Islamist radicals, may have spawned several of the Fort Dix Six plot perpetrators. Three of the Fort Dix Six acknowledged attending services at the JF Mosque in Brooklyn. These Jihadis were caught by a sharp-eyed Circuit City clerk who contacted the FBI. The suspects have been incarcerated since June, 2007 have been denied bail and are awaiting federal trial in New Jersey.

The case of the Folsom, California prison Jihadis has all the hallmarks of a JF terror cell.

On December 14, 2007, a Los Angeles Federal District Court convicted members of a gang of jail house Muslim converts. They plead guilty to conspiracy to attack Los Angeles area synagogues, military installations and armed robbery charges in connection with a string of gas station holdups.

As usual, the overt connections and clear as day objectives of these groups will be denied by those who demand “peace” at any cost and instead people like me will be told WE are the problem and how dare we even think these groups pose a threat. We will be called “paranoid”, “racists” (Islam is not a ‘race’) and “warmongers” for daring to point out the wolves among us and having the audacity to stand up to them.

But, I am not done yet……

I mentioned the political coddling by weak willed/ignorant/complicit politicians. I give you the Mayor of Binghamton, NY:

Binghamton, NY: Eyes Wide Shut

2 April 2008: The city of Binghamton, New York granted them the necessary permits to have a parade this Saturday to celebrate Muhammad’s birthday. According to the city’s web site, such events are arranged through Tarik Abdelazim, Executive Assistant to the Mayor. According to Andrew Block, Director of Community Relations, the Muslims of the Americas (MOA) – the name used by the Hancock, NY based group – have the blessings of the Binghamton, NY police Department to parade.

Meanwhile, an article in the New English Review reinforces our investigative findings about those who will be marching in Binghamton on Saturday: they are “[T]he best positioned group to help al-Qaeda launch an attack in the US.”

Nevertheless, the city of Binghamton, NY has given them their blessings for a parade on Saturday.

Investigation conducted by this agency – and myself personally – determined and confirmed that The Muslims of the Americas (MoA) is the “front group” for the terrorist organization Jamaat ul Fuqra. They have pledged their allegiance to their leader, Sheikh Mubarek Ali Gilani of Lahore, Pakistan.

Make no mistake: the leader of Jamaat ul Fuqra, Sheik Mubarak Ali Gilani, is an INTERNATIONAL ISLAMIC TERRORIST. He met with Islamic terrorist leaders including Osama bin Laden in 1993. He is a very dangerous man, and those who follow his teachings should be considered dangerous and enemies of the United States, Canada and all of Western civilization.

Nevertheless, the city of Binghamton, NY has given them their blessings for a parade on Saturday.

I have personally investigated this terrorist organization. My investigative findings appear in a 2006 report authored by the Regional Organized Crime Information Center (ROCIC) that was disseminated to law enforcement. Jamaat ul Fuqra is directly linked to a number of murders, arsons, and violent crimes in the United States and Canada. There is nothing benign about the intentions of Jamaat ul Fuqra – they seek to “purify Islam” through violence. Associates of Jamaat ul Fuqra include Rodney Hampton-El (1993 World Trade Center bombing), John Allen Muhammad (the Beltway sniper), and Richard Reid (the shoe-bomber).

One look at the moronic BDS statements of the Mayor of this city shows he fall right in line with the “Blame America” for everything crowd and gleefully allows these islamofascists to parade through his town while they oppress and terrify the “kuffar” of the community

And there is more on events going on in this community. By the way, this is really happening. It is not a fictional Hollywierd story as some trolls seem to attribute to us “evil” “warmongering” conservatives. I wonder what Charles Martel would say to these leftist fools today?

The report is long, but must be read and distributed.

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