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She has a point here:

The pressure was on Clinton today to win by a large margin. Clinton won 53 percent of the vote, to Obama’s 47 percent, with 18 percent of the precincts reporting so far.

“Hillary Clinton needs a clear and convincing victory today in Pennsylvania if she wants to continue on in this nominating process,” Democratic strategist Tad Devine told ABC News this morning.


“If she wins by 10 points or more, it will be viewed as a clear and convincing victory, but if it’s closer than that, it will be less than a clear and convincing victory,” Devine said.

Speaking to reporters in Conshohocken, Pa. today, Clinton rejected that common argument, saying “a win is a win.”

“But maybe I’m old fashioned about that. But you run a very competitive race at a considerable financial disadvantage. I think maybe the question ought to be why can’t he close the deal?” she said, “Why can’t he win a state like this one, if that is the way it turns out?”

A very valid point. The MSM turned on her long ago and her husband has made mistake after mistake and still she survives. If they had a winner take all primary like the Republicans have she would already be the nominee, but noooooo. They are still duking it out, he can’t close the deal and I couldn’t be happier.

Keep tearing each other apart….couldn’t have asked for a better scenario for the Republicans.

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