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WASHINGTON (April 21) – Under pressure to meet combat needs, the Army and Marine Corps brought in significantly more recruits with felony convictions last year than in 2006, including some with manslaughter and sex crime convictions.

Data released by a congressional committee shows the number of soldiers admitted to the Army with felony records jumped from 249 in 2006 to 511 in 2007. And the number of Marines with felonies rose from 208 to 350.

So let me get this straight. The fact that 719 kids with records were allowed to enlist somehow, someway, is so outrageous it needed a whole article?

Come on….no matter how much the writer wants to spin this it does NOT mean were in a recruiting emergency. CJ puts it into perspective:

According to FBI statistics in 2006 (the latest available), the number of juveniles arrested for assault (ie, schoolyard fights, but not including aggravated assault) rose 5.0% in the past decade. The number of robberies by juveniles rose 34.4%. Violent crimes involving arson by juveniles rose 7.6%. Murder and nonnegligent manslaughter by juveniles rose 17.8%. Vandalism among juveniles rose 10.4%. Weapons offenses by juveniles rose 30.9%.

In 2006, 414,822 juveniles committed the offenses that the article highlights being waivered in to the military. The military recruited 680 of those juveniles – a mere 0.16%! Those individuals made up less than one half percent of the total enlistment contracts signed.

I’m sorry….one half of one percent does not require a dire warning from out MSM. But it’s not surprising they spin this stuff like so. How else to spin the successes in Iraq but with hyperbole about a fraction of a percent.

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