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Excellent article by Kenneth Green about the fact that those who disagree with the Goracles take on global warming are called deniers:

Once upon a time, the media believed in the open exchange of opinions regarding public policy. People who had doubts about one or another claim put forward by activists and crusaders could express those thoughts without fear of censure or ridicule. And, to be fair, that is still the case in many areas of social policy.

But there’s one hot-button issue on which virtually no dissent is allowed: climate change. In a style reminiscent of the old Soviet Union, people disagreeing with any element of the agenda pursued by Al Gore and his climate catastrophists have been derided as “deniers,” a term clearly intended to equate dissent with mental illness, if not post hoc complicity in atrocities (as in “Holocaust denier”). “Fifteen per cent of the people believe the moon landing was staged on some movie lot and a somewhat smaller number still believe the Earth is flat,” Gore says. “They all get together on a Saturday night and party with the global-warming deniers.”

While only a few hotheads have proposed a physical gulag for the deniers, the mainstream press has created a media gulag. Former Boston Globe editor Ross Gelbspan urged the media to do just that in July 2000: “Not only do journalists not have a responsibility to report what skeptical scientists have to say about global warming, they have a responsibility not to report what these scientists say,” he told a Washington audience. Analyses of media coverage show that the three big U.S. television networks (CBS, NBC, and ABC) have taken Gelbspan’s message to heart: in the last half of 2007, only 20 percent of stories about climate change mentioned skepticism or dissenting viewpoints. Essentially, climate catastrophism is treated as fact.

Kenneth details how a columnist for the National Post in Canada profiled many of these “deniers” and found that not one disputed that there is a greenhouse effect, or that carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas. No, what they do disagree with is how much of that effect is the cause for global warming.

In other words, Solomon found that the “deniers” are, in fact, not in denial at all. They are merely dissidents from the political orthodoxy of climate catastrophism.

This columnist, Lawrence Soloman, wrote a book called The Deniers: The World Renowned Scientists Who Stood Up Against Global Warming Hysteria, Political Persecution, and Fraud**And those who are too fearful to do so, which detailed those he profiled as having outstanding scientific credentials and accomplishments in climatology. Combined 34 of those profiled have published close to four thousand articles in peer-reviewed journals.

Pretty impressive stuff, but still the left and the MSM enjoys deriding them by comparing them to moon landing deniers and so forth. When their not deriding those who dissent from their view they pulling insulting stunts like this.

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