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Just when you think Keith Olbermann can’t get anymore politically biased, he and MSNBC make a deliberate effort to paint comments from an Iraq War veteran as a racist for commenting that heroism deserves more respect, admiration, and recognition in America than athletes; specifically Tiger Woods.

David Bellavia is a Silver Star recipient, has been nominated for the Congressional Medal of Honor, and (here’s where he undoubtedly earned the disdain of Olbermann) is running as a Republican for Congress. The other day he was at a speaking event and introduced Sen McCain-describing him as a hero.

A hero introduced a hero, and that’s racist because he said, “Tiger Woods” instead of some white athlete.

One wonders why MSNBC decided to paint this remarkable event-where an Iraq War hero introduced a Vietnam War hero-as racist, and distasteful rather than as a moment when America should be proud of two remarkable men? Was it pure political partisanship? Was it the inability to see that most people don’t see Tiger Woods as an impressive black man, but as an impressive man? Was it the overpowering hatred anything and anyone left of loony?

In the end, it doesn’t matter. America will recognize its heroes though we’d do well to ask why Medal of Honor recipients get barely a footnote in the news, but athletes get infinitely more attention today.

Olberman owes some apologies. He owes Mr Bellavia an apology for painting him as a racist. He owes Sen McCain an apology for ignoring recognition of his courageous efforts, and he owes Tiger Woods an apology for suggesting that he’s only deserving of merit because of his race and not his skills or accomplishments.

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