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Now check this out from a Obama speech today in which he almost….almost said al-Qaeda is not in Iraq but stopped himself and said:

But our single biggest strategic challenge is al-Qaeda! That’s what Ambassador Crocker said, that’s the administration’s position. Al-Qaeda is not in Ir-… is… the, the key al-Qaeda leadership is not based in Iraq!

He knows al-Qaeda is in Iraq, thats why he stopped himself. But in this War on Terror he wants only to go after al-Qaeda in Pakistan, doesn’t matter if they are in Iraq also….just leave those little guys there.

Make any sense? If you know your enemy is somewhere why in the world would you leave that place to go pursue another group someplace else. Why not both places? Why not where ever you can find them?

Jim Geraghty:

Well, no, but we’re after more than just the key leadership, Senator. Mohammed Atta probably wouldn’t make the cut for key leadership, but if we could have nailed him in Hamburg, we should have.

Everyday that Obama is running we see more and more of just your plain old politician. Nothing new about him other then his lack of experience. From:

“When I am commander in chief, I will set a new goal on Day One: I will end this war,” Obama told an invitation-only audience of 150 people at Fayetteville Technical Community College.


Nobody’s asking for a precipitous withdrawal

He’s just telling people want they want to hear but in the end he has no clue.

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