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Yes, the title is true. Palestinian Islamic terrorists attacked the fuel transfer point in Israel where European Union funded fuel enters Gaza for their own power plant. In other words, the Palestinians shot themselves in the foot yet again. The islamofascists killed two Israeli civilians in the attack.

Israel cut off said fuel unless the security situation improves. We can expect the usual headline soon along the lines of “Israel Unilaterally Cuts Off Gaza’s Fuel Supply. International Community Condemns Israel for ‘Unwarranted Action'”. The media and ‘international community’ will of course forget about this attack after a few days and blame Israel as usual. Same stuff, different day.

From The Khaleej Times

NAHAL OZ, Israel – Palestinian militants on Wednesday attacked an Israeli-controlled border crossing where European Union-funded fuel is piped into the Gaza Strip, killing at least two Israelis, the Israeli army said.

An unconfirmed report by an Israeli emergency service said two Palestinian gunmen also were dead.

Earlier, in a separate incident, an Israeli soldier and a Hamas militant were killed in clashes in the Gaza Strip, the Israeli army and Palestinian medical staff said.

Hamas had warned on Tuesday of an “explosion” in the territory if Israel continued its economic blockade. Israel tightened its cordon after Hamas Islamists violently took over the Gaza Strip in June.

Fighters from three movements, not including Hamas, infiltrated the crossing, at Nahal Oz, said a spokesman for one of the groups, the Popular Resistance Committees.

“Terrorists entered Nahal Oz and the fuel depot. They shot at civilians inside. There are two Israelis dead and two wounded,” an Israeli army spokeswoman said.

Western diplomats said Nahal Oz was raided after completion of the latest delivery of EU-funded fuel to the Gaza Strip’s main power plant.

The Zaka emergency service said two Palestinian gunmen were killed as well. Spokesmen for militant groups said attackers withdrew back into the Gaza Strip, under fire from pursuing Israeli helicopters.

It was unclear how much damage, if any, was done to the fuel depot at the crossing. Even if no serious damage was caused, the raid could prompt Israel to block, on security grounds, future deliveries and force the power plant to shut down.

There is another angle to theis story. This time from the AP.

Gaza Fuel Depot Closed After Attack

JERUSALEM (AP) — Israel cut off all fuel supplies to Gaza’s 1.4 million residents Thursday, a day after four Palestinian militants infiltrated the Israeli depot that is the territory’s sole source of fuel, and shot dead two civilian workers.

The brazen daylight raid in southern Israel threatened to set off a new round of fighting in Gaza after a month long lull and could jeopardize recently renewed peace efforts.

Three smaller militant factions claimed they carried out the attack, but the Israeli government held Gaza’s Hamas rulers responsible. It sent tanks, troops and aircraft into the Palestinian territory after the raid, killing at least eight Palestinians, including three civilians. And it warned that more reprisals could be coming.

“We will chose the time and the place to respond. The blame lies on Hamas as the responsible authority there,” Matan Vilnai, Israel’s deputy defense minister, told Israel’s Army Radio.

The Iranian-backed Islamic Jihad, which took part in the attack, called the raid, which was carried out under cover of mortar fire, a “unique and complicated operation.”

Abu Ahmed of Islamic Jihad said the attack was intended to target the fuel depot on which Gazans depend.

The fuel “is dipped in humiliation,” he said, because people wait for it for hours. “If their fuel means humiliation for us, we don’t want it.”

Maj. Tal Levram, an Israeli army spokesman, said the militants apparently were planning to carry out a broader attack on a neighboring Israeli village or to kidnap soldiers, but were thwarted by the arrival of Israeli troops.

Palestinian militants frequently attack the Israeli border, but they rarely succeed in getting through. In another daring daytime raid in June 2006, militants tunneled into Israel, killed two soldiers and captured a third. The soldier, Cpl. Gilad Schalit, remains in captivity in Gaza.

Wednesday’s attack upset more than a month of calm following a broad Israeli military offensive that killed more than 120 Gazans, including dozens of civilians. Since the offensive ended in early March, Egypt has been trying to mediate a cease-fire between Israel and Hamas, and the sides appear to have been honoring an informal truce.

Israel sealed its borders with Gaza after the Islamic militant group seized control of the territory in June, and has reduced the flow of fuel, electricity and basic goods. The sanctions have hit hard and Hamas threatened on Tuesday to blow up Gaza’s borders with Israel and Egypt to relieve the strain.

Israel has taken the threat seriously because Hamas breached the Egyptian border in January, allowing tens of thousands of people to pour into Egypt for more than a week before the border was resealed.

On Thursday, an Israeli think tank reported that Hamas’ military buildup is at its peak, despite the international blockade on Gaza.

The Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center said the Islamic militant Hamas group has organized 20,000 armed forces and acquired longer-range rockets and advanced anti-tank weapons.

It also said Iran and Syria supply Hamas with weapons, technical know-how and training. The major points of the report were not new, but were significant because of the center’s close links to Israel’s defense establishment. Some of the material in the report was based on data from the Shin Bet security agency.

Israel stopped pumping gas on Thursday and at least two Israeli ministers said Israel should cut it off permanently following the attack. However, officials said the flow would be renewed shortly to avert a humanitarian crisis.

Gazans received fuel supplies on Wednesday before the attack.

The infiltration also serves as a reminder that Israel, which is conducting peace talks with the rival Palestinian government of President Mahmoud Abbas, will not be able to implement a deal as long as Hamas rules Gaza. Hamas is not a party to those talks.

Israeli Foreign Ministry spokesman Arye Mekel said the raid would not disrupt peace talks. The two sides hope to reach a final peace deal by the end of the year.

“We decided that we will continue to talk and will not let terrorists have a veto voice on the talks with the pragmatic forces,” Mekel said.

Well, if this fuel, provided by “infidels” is such a “humiliation”, then the people of Gaza should be ecstatic that their ‘brothers’ in the islamofascist groups have shut it off. Anyone want to take a bet on how ‘happy’ these people are and how much ‘happier’ they will be next week with no fuel?

The sad part is that Gaza sits nearby enough natural gas to power their own plants with no outside assistance, charity, or jiza. They could even sell part of this resource and pay every one of their people just to live in Gaza. But then, prosperity and a functional nation are not what Palestine is, or was ever, about.

I bolded several sections about weapons and Hamas’s supporters in Iran and its puppet, Syria for one reason: I fully expect another summer of increased terror attacks on Israel from BOTH Hamas and Hezbollah. They are also preparing for reprisals from Israel. The “advanced anti-tank” weapons are most likely AT-14 Kornet or more advanced RPGs like the RPG-7VR, ect. My guess is that Hamas and Hezbollah will try to pull Israeli tanks into Gaza or southern Lebanon and ambush them as a supportive Western Media gleefully reports away. Then these same Islamists will hold up pictures of dead/wounded/dressed up people stating the Israelis intentionally attacked them.

All the while Israel, while most likely winning militarily (again) will face condemnation from the aforementioned “international community”. It is a formula the islamofascists and their masters use… and the West falls for it every time.

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