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This is helluv a teaser from JPost:

An upcoming joint US-Israel report on the September 6 IAF strike on a Syrian facility will claim that former Iraqi president Saddam Hussein transferred weapons of mass destruction to the country, Channel 2 stated Monday.

Furthermore, according to a report leaked to the TV channel, Syria has arrested 10 intelligence officials following the assassination of Hizbullah terror chief Imad Mughniyeh.

No way!

Now some may ask why it makes sense that Saddam handed over his WMD to Syria after risking his regime to keep those WMD’s but I would guess that the assurances from Russia and France that we would never invade must of filled him with a false sense of security. He may have figured that sending the WMD’s over, then opening the inspections completely would have sufficed but 13 years of yanking our chain came back to bite him in ass after 9/11.

Not too much of a leap to think the man misjudged the situation, just look at Kuwait.

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