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Check out the hyperbole in this report done by Lara Logan for CBS this morning: (h/t Newsbusters)

Well, in the last two days alone, five U.S. soldiers have been killed in fighting against Shiite militants in and around Baghdad, particularly, as you mentioned, in Sadr City, the Baghdad stronghold of Sadr’s Medhi Army militia. The streets of Sadr City in eastern Baghdad have become a bloody battleground. U.S. and Iraqi forces battling militias backed by Iran. Like the Medhi Army of Muqtada al Sadr, the anti-American cleric. Civilians are paying a heavy price. This eyewitness describing the fighting on his street says ‘one person was killed, and a child was also killed there. Everything got burned up. Everything was destroyed.’ The human cost was difficult to measure as the wounded continued to fill hospital beds and the number of dead kept rising.

Full clip below:

If video isn’t playing try this link.

So two civilians were killed and while sad, how in the world does this justify the type of over-the-top statements she made?

I tell ya why…..Petraeus is testifying this week so the ground needs to be preped for the Democrats.


see-dubya at Michelle Malkin’s to this post but isn’t buying my theory on this hyperbole:

Interesting. But I’m not buying…the Democrats would never make out a war hero like General Petraeus to be some kind of liar.

She also has points to some hyperbole of another kind by the New York Times in this article in which they moan the loss of Iraq war coverage:

He’s got a point about the coverage falling off in Iraq, though. News there got better, and the stories dried up. Which brings me to a more substantive criticism of Rich’s column:

That’s why it’s no surprise that so few stopped to absorb the disastrous six-day battle of Basra that ended last week — a mini-Tet that belied the “success” of the surge. Even fewer noticed that the presumptive Republican nominee seemed at least as oblivious to what was going down as President Bush, no tiny feat.

The Tet offensive was actually an American military victory, spun by the American media into an American defeat.

Frank Rich, though perhaps he might never be called “the Most Trusted Man in America”, is trying to insert himself into the Basra narrative as Walter Cronkite. But in fact, despite Rich’s and the MSM’s attempts to spin it as such, the truth about Basra is that it was no defeat for the Iraqi army

Basra was a failure….give me a break. I’m telling, all they are doing is prepping the battlefield for the coming testimony so they can spin and spin to their hearts desire without being called on it.

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