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Only a ditz would think this movie idea is a good idea:

“She and her representatives have been touting around a project which is a remake of Casablanca. The reception has been lukewarm to say the least. No one can understand why she wants to redo what many people consider the greatest film of all time.”

In the 1942 original, Bergman starred opposite Humphrey Bogart, who played Rick Blaine, a cynical bar owner in the Moroccan city of Casablanca in the early days of the Second World War. Ilsa is torn between love for her husband, a Czech Resistance leader, and her ex-lover Rick.

Madonna is said to believe the film will make her reputation as an actress, after a string of high-profile flops such as Shanghai Surprise, Body Of Evidence and Swept Away, her much-derided 2002 collaboration with husband Guy Ritchie.

The source said: “Madonna is talking about taking the Ingrid Bergman role for herself, even though Bergman was in her 20s when she played Ilsa and Madonna is nearly 50.

“She wants to update the story and maybe set it in a modern war zone such as Iraq. There is no script yet.

“Madonna and her people are testing the waters to see if this is the right vehicle for her and if a major studio will get behind the project.”

Remake one of the greatest movies of all time AND set it in Iraq to appease the left-leaning hollywood types and to top it off, Madonna plays the Ingrid Bergman character.

Yeah….thats a winner. many bars and gambling joints are in Baghdad exactly?

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