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We’ve been hearing for months that the U.S. troop surge has been a security success and a political failure. But with little media fanfare, Iraqis may have just found the key to resolving their differences: old-fashioned politics.

What? I must’ve missed this kind of good news over at Huffington Post, Daily Kos, Salon, and MSNBC etc.

On February 13 the Iraqi parliament simultaneously passed three new laws: one that sets the relationship between the central and provincial governments, a second giving amnesty to thousands of detainees, and a third setting the 2008 national budget. Each piece of legislation is important in its own right, but how the overall compromise came about may prove even more significant than the laws themselves.

February 13? Hmmm, what was happening Feb 13? Maybe Hillary Clinton got teary-eyed, or perhaps some guy that Barack Obama knew said something stupid? I dunno, maybe Britney went into rehab or came out? Clearly there must’ve been more important news than political success brought about by the security that American troops provided in Iraq.

It’s too early to tell just how much, if at all, the February 13 compromise will transform Iraqi politics. Anything could happen on the security front. One well-timed bomb could easily undermine whatever political progress has been made. Formidable economic challenges remain as well. But something very encouraging just took place, and if Iraqis can build upon the February 13 compromise, someone other than General Petraeus may claim a success.


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