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The first victim, whose head had been placed at his feet, was found on March 26 by a local village head and a U.S. Army officer who had been given the orchard’s location by a man who said he had been kidnapped by Al-Qaeda last August and taken to a “jail” there, but managed to escape before execution.

Awful. If anyone has pics of the protest against Al Queda in Berkley, please link to them.

“When they first came into the area they said they were mujahedin fighting the occupation forces. But later they started forcing people from their homes and taking money. People who worked for the Iraq Army or the Iraqi police were punished,” says Sheikh Abbas Husayn Khalaf, the leader of Taiyah village.

“They imposed their rules: no music, no smoking, the women had to wear the veil, and there were no wedding celebrations. No one was allowed out after 5 p.m. Some people were shot in front of the people in the street, others were kidnapped, killed, and put in the mass graves.”

On another thread, someone asked where the threat from “Islamofascism” or communism was in the US? How it could possibly take over? It’s not a matter of “take over.” It’s a matter of embracing a threat while thinking it’s not a threat. It happened to these people. It’s happening in Europe, and it can happen here.

The eyes of the volunteers were a mixture of fatigue and trauma — the horror of Al-Qaeda’s rule had revisited them in a particularly brutal fashion. And discarded clothing found nearby — including children’s clothing — held the promise of things to come.

Should Americans leave Iraq, and let this kinda thing run rampant, or should they stay and help defend these people against our common enemy, Al Queda “The Base”; Islamic Holy Warriors?

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