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Reading this article I couldn’t stop laughing. I mean seriously:

Call them the Obamacans: They are against continuing the Iraq war and reject what they see as Mr. Bush’s unconstitutional buildup of executive power. While the conservative Republican base rejected Senator McCain in the early primaries for his push for bipartisan campaign finance regulation and amnesty for illegal immigrants, the Arizona senator’s hawkish support for the Iraq war has alienated what was once his national constituency, anti-Bush Republicans.

The Obamacans include a former senator of Rhode Island, Lincoln Chafee; a former senior Justice Department official under President Reagan and senior legal adviser to Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign, Douglas Kmiec, and a granddaughter of President Eisenhower, Susan Eisenhower.

The group one day may include Senator Hagel, a Republican of Nebraska, who has co-sponsored Iraq withdrawal legislation with leading Democrats. Asked yesterday on CNN whether he would endorse his party’s presumptive nominee, Mr. Hagel said he would base his support on the candidates’ positions on withdrawing from Iraq.

Chafee, Hagel? Those two have always been known as nothing other then RINO’s. Not shocking that they are voting for the biggest liberal in Congress. Kmiec? Written about him in the past:

Check out the endorsement for him given by Doug Kmiec that is super heavy on those platitudes. In it he is essentially endorsing someone who shares absolutely NONE of his values and does not agree with any of his policies (save one), but in his words, seems to be a honest fella.

How does a Romney guy, who served as co-chair on his PAC somehow, someway, move from Romney to Obama. A move that is beyond a small step but is in fact a giant leap. Hell, its a Evil Knievel rocket launch across the Grand Canyon.

The endorsement is thin on facts, heavy on sentiment. Basically comes down to the fact that he acknowledges the Senator disagrees with him on pretty much every issue but hopes the man “is not closed to understanding opposing points of view, and as best as it is humanly possible, he will respect and accommodate them.”

Good way to pick a President?

Basically he is willing to throw all his principals down the toilet because of Iraq. So good riddance.

Eisenhower? Someone known only for bringing up her father whenever possible and is partnered with Sandy Berger at Stonebridge.

All I see is RINO’s who more often then not side with liberals anyways. At least the writer had the smarts to ask Mark Levin about the supposed “defections”:

“I think this is a lot of nonsense,” Mark Levin, who served as chief of staff to Attorney General Meese and now hosts a nationally syndicated talk radio program, said. “I don’t see a lot of movement of Republicans or conservatives to Barack Obama. Whether or not they vote for McCain, though, is another story. It will be clear by then that Obama’s agenda is an extremely hard left agenda on domestic and foreign policy. It will be clear the courts will be in great danger. Once all that crystallizes, and it will, he may get the usual Republicans who are not that serious, but it won’t be enough to matter.”

Hell, even the polls the author links to proves Mark’s case:

Recent polls support the view of Messrs. Levin, Norquist, and Simes. The latest Rasmussen poll has Mr. McCain at 51% against Mr. Obama, who polls at 41%. According to a Gallup survey from early March, 28% of Mrs. Clinton’s supporters would vote for Mr. McCain instead of supporting Mr. Obama in the general election.

So why in the world does the writer want to call them Obamacans? Because three RINO’s are supporting a liberal? Because of a couple Ron Paulian isolationists are switching parties?

Meanwhile, the Obama campaign in Pennsylvania is touting the endorsements of some Pennsylvania Republicans. One is Lou Thieblemont, former mayor of Camp Hill, Pa., population 8,000, a suburb of the state capital, Harrisburg.

In an interview, Mr. Thieblemont, a former pilot for TWA and American Airlines, said proudly that he has never voted for a Bush. “Since I was able to vote at 18, I didn’t vote for any Bush,” he said. “I voted for Reagan, I voted for Dole, but never a Bush. I don’t like the way they do business.”

Another Pennsylvania Republican who supports Mr. Obama is retired Major General Walter Stewart, a township supervisor in Burks County who says he has given money both to an anti-Bush Texas Republican, Rep. Ron Paul, and Mr. Hagel, who he said was his first choice for president this election season.

General Stewart said he was supporting Mr. Obama because he could not endorse a candidate who voted to authorize the war in Iraq, which he compared to King George’s decision to send the British army and Hessian mercenaries into New York Harbor in the Revolutionary War. In 2004, General Stewart said, he supported Mr. Kerry, the Democratic nominee, over Mr. Bush. “I think there is a general feeling in the military that this war in Iraq has been a catastrophe,” he said.

I think not. Call them ignorant but if the Ron Paul-Hagel element of the party was going any other way I would be worried. They represent the worst of our party, hell…they are barely IN our party. They represent those who want to stick their heads in the sand and pretend if we just leave it alone all will be ok. A hopelessly naive and ignorant mindset. So given all that its not surprising they are backing another hopelessly naive candidate in Obama.

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