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So now the Obamamites are spinning the Wright story into a story about one particular speech on one particular day:

Bill Kristol’s New York Times column about Barack Obama this morning contains a major, prejudicial error.

Paragraph five:

But Ronald Kessler, a journalist who has written about Wright’s ministry, claims that Obama was in fact in the pews at Trinity last July 22. That’s when Wright blamed the “arrogance” of the “United States of White America” for much of the world’s suffering, especially the oppression of blacks. In any case, given the apparent frequency of such statements in Wright’s preaching and their centrality to his worldview, the pretense that over all these years Obama had no idea that Wright was saying such things is hard to sustain.

The error is in trusting the source without checking.

The truth is that Obama did not attend church on July 22.

He was on his way to campaign in Miami.

Well, lets say he wasn’t in the pews that day. So what?

Did he not attend this church for 20 years? He sequestered himself for days with copies of the racebaiting ministers speeches to learn how to move audiences. Obama has described some of Wrights sermons in his books that mirror the speeches we have on film:

And so it went, a meditation on a fallen world. While the boys next to me doodled on their church bulletin, Reverend Wright spoke of Sharpsville and Hiroshima, the callousness of policy makers in the White House and in the State House. As the sermon unfolded, though, the stories of strife became more prosaic, the pain more immediate. The reverend spoke of the hardship that the congregation would face tomorrow, the pain of those far from the mountaintop, worrying about paying the light bill…

He has said he felt at home in Wrights church:

In his 1993 memoir “Dreams from My Father,” Obama recounts in vivid detail his first meeting with Wright in 1985. The pastor warned the community activist that getting involved with Trinity might turn off other black clergy because of the church’s radical reputation.

When Obama sought his own church community, he felt increasingly at home at Trinity…

Later he would base his 2004 keynote speech to the Democratic National Convention on a Wright sermon called “Audacity to Hope,” –also the inspiration for Obama’s second memoir, “The Audacity of Hope.”

Obama even told Wright that he can get a “little rough” during his sermons so he asked him not to deliver the invocation at his February 2007 Presidential campaign announcement party.

All of this is evidence he KNEW the man was a divider of races. In no way, shape, or form, will anyone (except the most diehard Obamamite) believe that over a 20 year relationship with Wright, a relationship which was described by Obama as a mentorship, that Obama never head this kind of hateful rhetoric. I mean come on. Wrights hallmark is this “black power” rhetoric but for some reason when Obama was in the pews Mr. Wright toned it all down.


But if your gonna go down this road of “was he in the pews during this sermon or that one” then at least write all the facts. The facts are that Obama WAS in Chicago that day so he could have attended the church. He did fly to Miami later in the day but to state he could not of attended because he was traveling to Miami is omitting the fact that he attended a function in Chicago also. The writer of the original story sticks by his article:

Clarification: The Obama campaign has told members of the press that Senator Obama was not in church on the day cited, July 22, because he had a speech he gave in Miami at 1:30 PM. Our writer, Jim Davis, says he attended several services at Senator Obama’s church during the month of July, including July 22. The church holds services three times every Sunday at 7:30 and 11 a.m. and 6 p.m. Central time (with weekly praise/prayers starting 15 minutes previous to those times). While both the early morning and evening service allowed Sen. Obama to attend the service and still give a speech in Miami, Mr. Davis stands by his story that during one of the services he attended during the month of July, Senator Obama was present and sat through the sermon given by Rev. Wright as described in the story. Mr. Davis said Secret Service were also present in the church during Senator Obama’s attendance. Mr. Davis’ story was first published on Newsmax on August 9, 2007. Shortly before publication, Mr. Davis contacted the press office of Sen. Obama several times for comment about the Senator’s attendance and Rev. Wright’s comments during his sermon. The Senator’s office declined to comment.

But either way, he attended this church for 20 years. As Bob Owens notes, these kind of excuses is just plain silly:

Barack Obama is forcing us to chose between one of two narratives. Either he:

A. attended a church for two decades that featured a radical minister preaching a seemingly separatist and occasionally anti-American “Black Value System” (which curiously, was scrubbed from the church’s web site over the weekend), considered Wright a mentor, was married by him, has his children baptized by him, and added him in an official capacity to his Presidential campaign (though in a largely ceremonial role), without ever really knowing anything about him or his beliefs, or;

B. Barack was aware of Wright’s pronouncements and beliefs and agreed with him enough that he was a member of Wright’s congregation for 20 years, only to then see Obama threw Wright “under the bus” when those beliefs became a threat to Obama’s presidential campaign.

Which is it?

Hell, just check out Obama’s first book and you will find all the evidence you need to understand why he chose Wright to be his mentor.

From the age of ten onward, though, Obama desperately wants to be black: “I was trying to raise myself to be a black man in America, and beyond the given of my appearance, no one around me seemed to know exactly what that meant.” Honolulu’s paucity of African-Americans means he has to learn to be black from the media: “TV, movies, the radio; those were places to start. Pop culture was color-coded, after all, an arcade of images from which you could cop a walk, a talk, a step, a style.”

He cherishes every cause for complaint he can discern against white folks. He is constantly distressed at being half-white. Obama says he “ceased to advertise my mother’s race at the age of twelve or thirteen, when I began to suspect that by doing so I was ingratiating myself to whites,”

He spells it all out in the book. But instead of owning up to it he makes excuses and uses Clintonian doublespeak about the meaning of “attend.”

Pretty pathetic if you ask me.



has anyone else noticed the irony of his “alibi”? He was speaking to La Raza.

So let me get this straight. He couldn’t be listening to his racist pastor because he was speaking to a racist group. Isn’t that like claiming you couldn’t have robbed the bank because you were busy sticking up the liquor store at the time?

How ironic.

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