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Have to agree with Ed here on John McCain’s visit to Iraq today:

John McCain took some time off of the campaign trail and hit the ground in Iraq this morning.


He intends to meet with Iraqi leadership, who might get a glimpse of the McCain temper for their foot-dragging on reconciliation


Before now, McCain’s criticisms of the Iraqi leadership had been moderated by his status as just another American legislator, albeit one with more clout than some of the other drop-in visitors to the Green Zone. Now that McCain may be the best friend they have left in the upcoming presidential election, they may take his suggestions on speeding up reconciliation efforts closer to heart.

That temper may be become evident to the Iraqi PM especially when everyone knows that the security situation is much improved and they have a open road to accomplish some major reconciliations.

Ed believes this may force the MSM to pay attention to the reduction in violence but I doubt it. Unless it bleeds it doesn’t lead, hell, only Fox has up a blurb on the front page of their website, and when they are forced to print something about it they always want to add a caveat:

Attacks across Iraq have fallen by 60 percent since last June, when extra troops were fully deployed. There has been a fall in violence since January but U.S. commanders in Iraq say this does not represent a trend.

Another anonymous source from al-Reuters? Or did they make these commanders up out of whole cloth? How in the world does the fact that we have kicked al-Qaeda’s ass from one end of the country to the other, having forced them to hide like cowards, NOT represent a trend?

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