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Well, we knew the lib’s would try to defend Spitzers action, and we were not disappointed. Alan Dershowitz goes off on us Americans being so stuffy and hung up on sex that we would have the audacity to rake Spitzer over the coals:

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Big deal! Married men go to a prostitutes all the time!

I wonder how even the liberal women in the crowd feel about that?

Via Newsbusters here is this longer segment from the same show with Tucker Carlson saying, heh…what the hell is the big deal, us men are all the same. Contessa Brewer wasn’t buying it:

Tucker: You shouldn’t be going to hookers on the road, whether you’re working for the state of New York or anyone else. it’s wrong. I’m not defending it. I will say Spitzer, the one thing people always said about him, he’s abrasive, he’s arrogant, he’s annoying, he’s power-mad, whatever, but he’s smart. Not so smart to use your pager to communicate with a hooker! Again, to quote Alan Dershowitz, men are tucker.jpgpretty dumb when it comes to stuff like that. It’s kind of who they are. They’re dumb.


I would argue, if you’re against Eliot Spitzer, and I think his public career has been shameful, this is not the way to get him. Spitzer’s true sins, in my view, are the ones that he commits in public, crushing other people for the sake of his own political career, for instance, which has been the hallmark of his time in public life, not going to a hooker! That’s no way to get, in my opinion, at your political enemies. And to see the press, a group that you know, frankly, has pretty unconventional personal lives, by and large, getting all high-handed about the fact that a grown man went to a prostitute is nauseating. [Laughs]

Brewer: Wait, wait, wait, not just a prostitute, not just he’s a governor who went to a prostitute, but that he himself had busted prostitution rings, and when he did so, got up and made a big show of contessa.jpg how angry he was.

Carlson: Okay, I’m sorry I didn’t get that news flash. I missed that. So he’s a hypocrite unlike the rest of us. I mean — Of course, of course he’s a hypocrite! But the point is, that’s not the problem with Eliot Spitzer. The problem with Eliot Spitzer is the way he hauled his political enemies into court abusing the power of the state, again, so he could become elected governor. I just think it’s a shame – and here I am defending someone I detest and disapprove of – but I think it’s a shame when we go into these spasms of self-righteousness, when we all beat our chests, and say, look at the bad guy, we’re nothing like him, when in fact a lot of us are like him, frankly.

Brewer: Really?

Carlson: I’m not! I’m just saying I don’t like, there’s something, that I believe is unattractive about public displays of self-righteousness of this kind. And you’re going to see it over the next 24 hours, analysts going on TV and saying, “That’s repulsive!” You know, where were they when Spitzer was crushing his enemies using public tax dollars and the threat of prison. They didn’t say anything about it. They cheered him on like some kind of Robin Hood, when in fact he’s the opposite, and now just because he goes to a hooker, they’re beating up on him.

Brewer: As I said, he said he was going in to clean up Albany, he said that it was ethics reform. Talk about unethical, he’s got a wife he’s been married to for more than 20 years and three daughters and the public trust.

Doesn’t sound like Contessa was too happy with Tuckers take huh?

Do we really have to wonder how this would have played out if Spitzer had been a Republican? The “indignation” and “self-righteousness” that Tucker talked about was in full display when one of them played footsies in a bathroom. But Dem’s…..they’re expected to do this sort of thing I suppose.

The thing is, if a politician will betray his wife for kicks why should we not assume that he will betray the US voter for kicks? Those rides in the lobbyists jets and limos and the weekends in Cabo, the fact finding trips to China….he would never betray the American voter would he?

Naw….its just us dumb men being men.

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