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From the Desk of Achmed the Dead Terrorist…..


From the The Associated Press via The International Herald Tribune

A grenade exploded during a town fiesta in the southern Philippines, killing a would-be bomber and wounding four people, police said Thursday.

The police chief in General Santos city, Senior Superintendent Robert Po, said the grenade held by the bomber went off before he managed to penetrate crowds celebrating the city’s foundation anniversary late Wednesday.

The blast caused panic among hundreds of people, and Radio DZBB reported that police were questioning some of the injured.

Po said investigators were working to determine the bomber’s identity and affiliation, but suspected he may have been linked to a notorious extortion gang, the Al-Khobar group.

The group, which authorities believe has ties to Muslim extremists operating in the southern Philippines, has been blamed for at least a dozen explosions in the region targeting bus companies and business establishments.

More than two dozen people have been killed in bomb attacks last year. In January, a bomb blast outside a tuna factory in the city killed four and wounded 28 in what investigators suspect was the work of Al-Khobar.

As Achmed would say, “He had a premature detonation”.

Best wishes for those injured on a speedy recovery and for the Philippine authorities to shut this and other jihad groups down for good. Maybe someday the West will wake up to the clear and present danger of militant jihad and unite to squash this sick cancer mankind is forced to suffer. Maybe Islamic people will also wake up and join us in crushing the jihadists.

But I will not hold my breath for either.

In other asinine acts by Islamic terrorists, the Taliban Blows Up Phone Tower In Afghanistan “to Disable Tracking”. ( Achmed: Taliban agents will target cell providers next week when they find out they can no longer make phone calls citing a “Zionist conspiracy”.

Taliban militants attacked a telecom tower in southern Afghanistan, the second such assault in two days, after warning phone companies to shut down the towers at night.

Militants burned the base station of a tower in Kandahar city owned by the Roshan company late Saturday, said Qarim Agha, a police officer. Roshan declined to comment.

A Taliban spokesman said last week that militants would blow up towers across Afghanistan if mobile phone companies did not switch off their signals overnight. The militants fear U.S. and other foreign troops are using mobile phone signals to track insurgents and launch attacks against them.

The Taliban destroyed a tower along the main highway in the Zhari district of Kandahar province Friday. That tower was owned by Areeba, one of Afghanistan’s four mobile phone companies.

Militants have threatened mobile phone companies in the past, accusing them of collusion with the U.S. and other foreign military forces.

The destruction of the cell towers will affect thousands of Afghan phone users, but it will also affect the Taliban, because militant fighters rely on mobile phones to communicate and coordinate their operations.

Communications experts say the U.S. military can use satellites and other means to pick up mobile phone signals without the phone company’s help. Mobile phones periodically send signals to the network even when they are not making calls.

The U.S. has said it killed more than 50 mid- and top-level Taliban leaders over the last year. Many military raids that target specific leaders are conducted at night.

Mobile phones were introduced in Afghanistan after the fall of the Taliban in 2001. They have become the principal means of communication and one of the fastest-growing and most profitable sectors in the country’s economy.

Absolutly “brilliant” Mullah Omar…… Now you cannot contact your people, but we can still find them. Why not attack our FOBs in the open like last year’s “Spring Offensive” that worked SOOO well for you fools.

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