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When those who wish to tear down our military by portraying them as only in it because of benefits, college tuition, and because they have no other options in life, they should keep in mind the quality of the character of those who are brave enough to take to heart such words as: Honor, Duty, Courage.

Iraq vet wins scratch-off jackpot, still plans to serve third tour

Lots of lottery winners announce they’re quitting the workforce as soon as they get their hands on the prize money.

That’s not the case with Wayne Leyde.

The 26-year-old, who won $1 million when he scratched off a ticket Tuesday near his home in Mead, Wash., tells ABC News that he plans to park his winnings in the bank and volunteer for a third tour in Iraq.

“When I was laying in bed last night I spent all the money in my head about 40 times,” Leyde tells the folks at Washington’s Lottery. “Then I thought better of it and started to think who I’d give it to. Finally I decided that I’m just going to invest it and spend some time thinking about what I want.”

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