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Yeah, I know. President Bush announced his New Direction strategy over a year ago, and reports like this have been shown increasingly over the past 11 months. Still, it’s news to many; many who are politically entrenched and embedded with the position that American cannot win, and must not win or their own political tent will have its stakes pulled out.

My favorite part of the video was when they said Fallujah was once an Al Queda stronghold. Why’s that my favorite? Because at the time it was an Al Queda stronghold with hundreds-even thousands of Al Queda torturing and terrorizing the population en masse…yeah, well that’s right in the middle of when the Democratic Party was telling us that the war in Iraq had nothing to do with the war against Al Queda.

TIP: America’s been at war in Iraq for 17yrs now, and at war with Al Queda for 16yrs. The 911 attacks should have woken everyone up to the war with Al Queda, and the invasion of Iraq (particularly the intelligence breakdowns) should have woken everyone up to the war in Iraq. Yet Democrats STILL don’t go to intel briefings on either subject, and prefer to get their assessments from the far left anti-war groups. My tip is it’s time to start going to the briefings.

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