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What idiots. From the BBC: (h/t Weasel Zippers)

Islamic terrorists want war. They want suffering – among others and their own people alike.

They would surely surmise that McCain will give them what they want. Bin Laden himself intervened with what many thought was the effect of keeping President Bush in power in 2004 with that weird tape just before the poll.

I think al-Qaeda would back McCain – that is not an argument for or against America backing him, but it seems to me that the vague assumption that the terrorists would back a lefty is lazy thinking..

The only lazy thinking is this idiocy. al-Qaeda wants total domination, they want their version of Islam all across the globe, and they found that having a Republican in office like Bush bit them on the ass….and hard. They are a shadow of their former self, those glory years being the 90’s when it just so happened a Democrat was in office.

But now, somehow, this bozo believes al-Qaeda wants an enemy that fights back rather then capitulate.

You just can’t make this stuff up….I mean really.

And you just know a post about idiots couldn’t be complete without a Hollywood idiot:

Sharon Stone believes the Sept. 11 attacks should not have been used as a pretext for the United States to launch wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, according to her comments published Monday in a pan-Arab newspaper.

In her interview with Al Hayat, the actress also bemoaned what she called Americans’ decision to ignore the deaths of so many Iraqis.

“I feel at great pain when the spotlight is on the death of 4,000 American soldiers, while 600,000 Iraqi deaths are ignored,” she said. “War is not a movie, it is a tragedy of dead bodies, victims, the disabled, orphans, widows and the displaced.”

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