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(Added an interesting old news report on this nixes the idea that VP Cheney was making up intel re Iraq and 911.)

Terrorist leader blows up.


Before the attacks of September 11th, 2001, a man named Imad Mugniyah held the pole position in the race to kill the most Americans. In fact, first reports on that day 7yrs ago seemed to indicate that he was the mastermind of the attacks and not Osama Bin Laden. Imad was the #1 operational leader for Hezzbollah’s international operations, responsible for killing hundreds of Americans, and now he’s dead-blown up in Damascus, Syria according to Hezzbollah and multiple reporting services. Of course the Arab media blames the Israelis, and it probably was them, but it doesn’t matter. Whether it was the Israelis (he was their version of Osama Bin Laden and they searched for him for at 20 or 30yrs-maybe more), CIA, a rival group, or yet another example of a bombmaking attempt gone bad…it doesn’t matter. A big bad guy is gone.

Given Hezzbollah’s open praise of the Democratic Party and the terrorist group’s endorsement for the 06 midterm elections, it will be interesting to see how the party reacts.


On October 31, 2001 The Electronic Herald (UK)
Reported the Following Story:
©The Electronic Herald / Reported by Ian Bruce

ISRAEL’S military intelligence service, Aman, issued an urgent warning of an impending terrorist “spectacular” against America, several days before the suicide bombers flew passenger airliners into New York’s Trade Towers and the Pentagon on September 11.

Aman had no details of the targets, but picked up enough indicators of major terrorist activity from a combination of informants and electronic eavesdropping to send out an alert, which also covered US interests in Britain, France and Germany.

Much of the Israeli intelligence centered on Imad Mughniyeh, head of the Iranian-backed Hizbollah movement’s foreign operations section, and on Dr Ayman Al Zawahiri, the Egyptian-born terrorist mastermind reputed to be Osama bin Laden’s chosen successor.

The Israelis say they have evidence linking both men to agents representing SSO, Iraq’s foreign intelligence service, and believe Baghdad has provided finance and logistical support to them.

Links between the terrorist network and Iraq have been established by Pakistan’s shadowy ISI agency and by the Czech Republic’s counter-intelligence service.

Salah Suleiman, an Iraqi SSO agent, was detained on the Pakistan border last October after a series of trips into Taliban-controlled territory to meet bin Laden. After interrogation, he was deported.

Iraqi agent, Ahmad Khalil Ibrahim Samir Al-Ani, has been expelled by the Czechs for “conduct incompatible with his diplomatic status”. They had been monitoring his activities after a tip-off from Israel that he was planning to bomb Radio Free Europe, a station financed by the CIA that broadcasts to Iraq and Iran. Baghdad regards the broadcasts as “an act of aggression”.

During the surveillance, they photographed Al-Ani with Mohammed Atta, the al Qaeda agent believed to have flown the first plane into the World Trade Center.

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