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What a sad story, but in this instance the sentence fit the crime:

Saudi Arabia on Wednesday beheaded a couple convicted of torturing to death a nine-year-old girl, including burning her with a red-hot spoon and beating her with a metal pipe, the interior ministry said.

Saudi Nashat Haji, 32, was beheaded by the sword for murdering his daughter, Khosoun, said a ministry statement carried by the official SPA news agency.

He was executed in the western city of Mecca along with his second Saudi wife, Iman Ghazawi, 27, after they both tortured the girl, including driving a car into her in the courtyard of her home.large_27121_44316.jpg

Haji decided to “get rid of” his daughter after he became doubtful that he was her biological father from a previous marriage, the ministry said.

The Saudi Arabic-language daily Al-Watan later reported that DNA tests showed a 99.9% probability that the child was in fact his.

Actually, the beheading may have been too swift.

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