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Mullah accidently blows up self, sons

A LANDMINE blew up in the home of a religious cleric in southern Afghanistan, killing the mullah, two of his sons and two other men who had been preparing an attack, police said today.

The cleric’s wife was critically wounded in the blast in their compound in the southern province of Helmand late yesterday, and a daughter was hurt, provincial police chief General Mohammad Hussein Andiwal said.

The bodies of the mullah and his two sons, both under 15 years old, remained at the site of the blast, he said.

Other people in the compound said two other men were killed but their bodies had been removed before police arrived, he said.

The group was likely associated with the Taliban, he said. The extremist militants are particular active in Helmand province, where they are said to be tied up with opium and heroin traffickers.

An insurgency by the Taliban, who were in government between 1996 and 2001, was its deadliest last year with more than 6,000 people killed, most of them rebels but including hundreds of civilians.

Taliban suicide and roadside bombings are generally aimed at Afghan and international soldiers but kill more civilians.

A “religious cleric”? Is there some other type of cleric we do not know about? I do not think there are many agnostic or atheistic clerics running around, if any. But then, logic and the media, while not mutually exclusive, are not in a dependent relationship.

Also note the Taliban’s cooperation with drug warlords. The warlords need the Taliban for protection and the Taliban need the drug money for funding. The drug lords have a higher probability of survival, but not by much.

Now moving on to the EU.

From an article in the JihadWatch Archives: “Three suspected jihadists arrested” from 5 Sept, 2007

BERLIN – Three suspected Islamic militants were arrested for allegedly plotting “imminent” and “massive” attacks on the Ramstein Air Base, a major U.S. and NATO military hub, and Frankfurt’s busy international airport, German authorities said Wednesday.
German federal prosecutor Monika Harms said the three had trained at terror camps in Pakistan and procured some 1,500 pounds of hydrogen peroxide for making explosives.

Remember the story? German Nationals and Turkish immigrants trained by Jihadists to attack US and NATO bases caused the EU governments to begin looking at what was going on within their immigrant communities.

The three suspects — two Germans and a Turk — first came to the attention of authorities because they had been observing a U.S. military facility at the end of 2006, officials said. All three had undergone training at camps in Pakistan run by the Islamic Jihad Union, and had formed a German cell of the group.

The Islamic Jihad Union was described as a Sunni Muslim group based in Central Asia that was an offshoot of the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan, an extremist group with origins in that country.

Why is this old, and forgotten story relevant?

Suicide bomb suspects held at Gatwick after tip-off from the UK Times Online.

SCOTLAND YARD is braced for a fresh wave of possible terrorist attacks against public transport after a group of suspected Islamist suicide bombers were arrested in a secret security operation at Gatwick airport.

Six Pakistani men were held under anti-terrorism laws 10 days ago after they flew in from Barcelona. The arrests were prompted by a tip-off from the Spanish intelligence services after the discovery of a suspected Al-Qaeda terror cell in the city. The cell is alleged to have planned to detonate suicide bombs on the Barcelona Metro. The Spanish warned a similar attack was being planned here.

Was not Spain supposed to be spared by the islamofascists after they elected the communist government and “redeployed” out of Iraq? I guess the Spaniards are learning all about the false peace Islamists give. The Koran goes into detail about Muhammad using false peace treaties and lies to lull enemies into lax security.

Looking at the targets, there is not one military target on the islamofascists’ list. All were metro stations, busses, the Chunnel, etc.

The Gatwick arrests followed an antiterrorist operation in Barcelona in which 12 Pakistanis and two Indians were held for allegedly planning bomb attacks. It has been reported that among the cache was a quantity of triacetone triperoxide, a comparatively cheap explosive used by suicide bombers in the Middle East.

At the time of the Barcelona arrests counter-terrorism officials played down reports of any imminent threat to Britain. But it has since emerged that Spanish intelligence did receive information about an attack against Britain’s public transport system.

According to El Pais, the Spanish newspaper, a member of the Barcelona cell told the Spanish civil police that it was planning attacks not just on Barcelona’s underground system but also against public transport in Britain and other European countries.

Also, how did these fools get triperoxide without outside help? This stuff is very unstable and extremely deadly. Prepared wrong, it is as likely to blow up in the bombmakers face as it is in a bomb (maybe that is what happened to the ‘religious cleric’). This indicates extensive training and practice on the part of the terror cell.

The informant is said to have told police that pairs of suicide bombers planned to strap explosives to their bodies and blow themselves up on the rail and bus networks in Britain, France, Germany and Portugal.

France and Portugal also were targets. Those who believe appeasing and/or doing nothing to the terrorists will stop them from attacking us take note of this. Islamofascists do not care what a Kuffer (infidel/non-Islamic) nation does. If they are not Islamic, or not the “correct” kind of Islamic, they are targets. There are three choices for us “infidels” according to the Hadiths, Koran, Sura, and Islamic Jurisprudence: Convert to Islam, become dhimmis (virtual slaves to Islam), or die.

I chose option #4: Fight for my freedom and the freedoms of my People, never convert to Islam, and never ever surrender.


Al-Qaeda has moved Germany up on hit list

BERLIN – GERMANY has become a prime target for Al-Qaeda, whose commanders in Afghanistan and Pakistan have ordered terror attacks on the country, senior government officials said.
‘Germany is at the centre of Al-Qaeda’s attention and in their line of fire. The facts have changed since last year,’ interior ministry spokesman Stefan Paris told reporters on Friday, confirming a press report.

A state secretary in the interior ministry, Mr August Hanning, told Die Welt newspaper that Al-Qaeda leaders based in the border area between Pakistan and Afghanistan had ‘decided to carry out attacks in Germany’.

‘We are worried that we will not be able to foil every plot,’ he added.

Supposedly this is because of Germany’s mission to Afghanistan, but it fails to understand the nature of Islamofascism and the fact that Germany has had these non-assimilating Islamist immigrants for decades. But it is not just the immigrants.

In September, two German converts to Islam and a Turkish man were arrested in the western Sauerland region on suspicion of planning to blow up United States installations in Germany, including the south-western US military airbase at Ramstein.

The men had stockpiled some 700 kilogrammes of chemicals to use in ‘massive’ attacks to coincide with the anniversary of the Sept 11, 2001 suicide hijackings in the United States, the security services said.

There was a reason I linked to the archived story….

The deputy chief of the federal police, Mr Bernhard Falk, told Die Welt there were clear indications that Al-Qaeda had ordered other attacks and that its cadres were preparing to strike.

‘There is a high probability that besides the Sauerland plot, several other operations have been planned,’ he said.

Germans in Afghanistan, often young men of Turkish origin or German converts to Islam, were recruited to become ‘holy warriors’ and sent back to Germany to carry out attacks, he said.

Al-Qaeda was increasingly and successfully recruiting Germans via the Internet, he added. The group posted propaganda in German and had set up ‘virtual terror training camps’ for supporters.

Die Welt quoted officials as saying that the security services are investigating charges against 184 suspected Islamist extremists in Germany and that 70 were deemed so dangerous that they were under constant surveillance.

The Sauerland plotters had been watched by security services for months before their arrest.

Paris said the interior ministry did not want ‘to sew alarm but the public has a right to be informed’.

Maybe the Germans believe, as the poll at the end of the story indicates, that if they flee Afghanistan, AQ will leave them alone, even though the Germans are in non-combat roles. I urge them to please see Spain and Portugal for evidence to the contrary.

When will the People of Europe fully wake up? Where will the next Charles Martel come from and will he too have to defend Tours?

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